Monday, 23 January 2017

REVIEW: Mario Badescu Facial Spray

It has been a long long time since I have felt the enthusiasm to write a skincare review post... in fact, the last post I wrote in this area was actually all the way back in October with this review of the nSpa Skin Glow Mud Mask.

You can see why I removed the "beauty" part of my name now right?

Therefore, for me to actually be excited enough to share a skincare review with you, its got to be a pretty big deal, and this my friends... is a big deal.

I received the Mario Badescu Facial Spray for Christmas and was immediately in love with the simplistic and clean packaging. Something about it screams classy to me and it really feels like a luxurious product.

The facial spray and toners in general,  are a bit of a controversial skincare topic, with many skincare guru's like Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons telling us that, whilst they are a nice luxurious step to take in your skincare regime, essentially these bottles of scented water are just that... scented water.

But nevertheless, I really enjoy using toners, toning waters, toning spray, facial sprays, etc. You name it, I've probably got it sitting in my overflowing skincare drawers. My face just doesn't feel right if I don't use a toner of some sort after cleansing my skin and I have a variety of them for different skincare needs. Just recently this beauty from Mario Badescu has been fulfilling all of my toning requirements.

So, the main selling point of this little pink bottle of joy, is that it includes the most soothing ingredients known to man. Aloe and Rosewater. I am obsessed with Rosewater at the moment, the smell the effect everything. Heck heat it up and let me bathe in it, I love the stuff.
Aloe I am indifferent to, you won't find me drinking the stuff and I certainly am not going to be praising the miracle effects of it and trying to sell you into a pyramid scheme any time soon (you know the ones!). HOWEVER, I do appreciate the soothing and beneficial effects of the little plant and as someone with Acne prone, sensitive and combination skin... skincare is a minefield at times... I really appreciate seeing the Aloe in products and knowing that its going to soothe at least one of my skincare nightmares.

The bottle blurbs the spray as a "rejuvenating facial spray, you wont want to be without" and claims that it can be used to set makeup, soothe your skin in dehydrating conditions or give your skin a quick boost. For me, this has been perfect on these cold mornings for adding some much needed hydration to my skin, without triggering my acne or making my face a grease ball. I have sprayed this over make-up and I can't necessarily say that it keeps my makeup in place any longer than usual but it doesn't ruin my foundation on contact so that is a plus!

I've actually found that this spray has been helping to calm down some of the redness with my current breakout (all on my cheeks and chin... thanks Christmas Cheese board!). But even if I didn't notice any changes, to be honest I would still recommend this product. The smell alone is enough to warrant purchasing it and the refreshing, soothing nature of the spray is what is going to keep you wanting to repurchase again and again.

I will definitely be making this little beauty a staple in my skincare drawer for many years to come.

What do you think about toning/ facial sprays? Waste of money or luxurious extra?  


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