Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November Round-Up

I must have jinxed myself last month when I said that I was on a roll and felt confident enough to read 10 books in the space of a month. Because 1 month on I have read the grand total of 2 books. 


I am so disappointed in myself. But, before you go judging my lack of reading prowess this month let me explain. 

I was reading the same book for 17 days. It killed all my reading motivation like crazy! Then once I had actually finished that book I decided to tackle the largest book on my months TBR "Dark Fire by C.J. Sansom" which I am still reading but really enjoying it so I will definitely be including it in my December Round-Up. 

Now for the mini-reviews:

Rachel Caine - Ink & Bone 06/11
Really enjoyable read. Very unique story, brilliant diversity of characters. The author hasn't whitewashed the story (as is often found in YA fantasy) and she delicately explores a range of ethnic backgrounds and sexuality/gender roles. Leaves you guessing at the end of each chapter and is written beautifully. Very much looking forward to continuing this promising series. 

Marie Rutkoski - The Winner's Crime 23/11
A very slow read. I didn't massively enjoy this book which is a shame because, in theory, it ticks all the boxes. I enjoyed the progression of the plot but I am in no rush to pick up the sequel. 
don't know why I had such a massive issue with this book but it took the best part of the month to finish it and destroyed all my motivation to read. I think one of the problems was probably due to the fact that the author found it slow to write due to pregnancy and motherhood. Which may explain why it felt like such a slow read for me. 
I didn't find that hook at the end of each chapter that propels reading in this book. I could quite happily finish a chapter and then put it down for a few days without wondering what happens next... which happened quite a lot whilst I was reading. 
This isn't a bad book though and I really wouldn't want to put anyone off of the series as I'm sure many people would love this series. But, sadly, as much as I try to get into this trilogy, I just can't muster up enough energy with it to keep me hooked. 
I will eventually read the final in the series but it probably won't be for awhile.

So not a very exciting round-up this month I'm afraid. I'm hoping for a much better month of reading in December although I'm actually planning on re-reading ACOTAR & ACOMAF over Christmas so there will be two reads that aren't reviewed but I will leave links to previous reviews and as always my Goodreads


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  1. Ink & Bone sounds like a good read, I'll add that to my list!
    - Emily from ♡


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