Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Christmas Lush Wishlist

I don't care that it's only November, I bloody love Christmas! But to make it less festive I've not gone full on festive with the photography. You're welcome. 
I personally adore the Christmas range at Lush and it is 100% my favourite collection as everything smells so good. So I thought this year I would share what Lush goodies I'm planning/hoping to get over the Christmas season and what I'm thinking of picking up in Oxford Street. I'm going to cut this to 3 products per category as honestly I could just list the entire collection. Instead, I wanted to highlight my absolute favourites from this year's collection. 


So White | £3.75 | I will undoubtedly buy at least one of these every year without fail. I absolutely adore the crisp clean apple scent that this gives off. It's not the most exciting bath bomb but the smell is enough to win it over for me. They've been slightly redesigned this year to have a green leaf on the side of the 'apple' and the inside gives off a green hue this year instead of the usual pinkish red. 

Shoot for the Stars | £4.25 | This is a bath bomb that has been revamped this year and looks absolutely stunning! It has the same scent as Golden Egg (one of my easter favourites!) which is a sweet toffee/orangey smell. It's a bright blue bath bomb with three golden star melts that leaves your bath looking like a starry night sky. Really looking forward to grabbing this one. 

Golden Wonder | £4.25 | Because Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. This is a firm favourite every year and is one that optimises Christmas at Lush for me. On the outside is a golden present and on the inside is a turquoise, blue and gold centre that fills your bathroom with the fresh zesty scent of citrus. Winner. 


Peeping Santa Bubbleroon | £3.95 | I bought this for the first time last year and was initially dubious as the thought of a bright red bath wasn't massively appealing. However, the smell of this. OMG. I absolutely adored it by the time I had used it up. The best way I can describe the scent is festive strawberry and if that isn't enough to make you want to buy it then I don't know what will be. 

The Magic of Christmas | £5.95 | One of the most expensive offerings from Lush this year but certainly worth the money. This is Christmas in one reusable stick. Cinnamon, Clove, Almond and Orange - can it be more festive? Not a particularly spectacular product but the smell packs a punch and can be used in Lush cocktails easily (my favourite thing to do with reusable bubble bars).

Santasaurus | £5.95 | Literally the cutest offering from lush this year. This little dino on a stick is adorable and smells amazing! I can't wait to try this out and I love the fact it's reusable as they last ages and as I said above, they work great in cocktails. This is another fresh citrus offering (can you see a theme emerging here) but the Orange is dominant so it still has that festive scent we're all longing for. 


Satsuma Bath Bomb | £3.75 | This is the only Christmas Oxford Exclusive I can find and I will definitely be picking it up later in the month. I love orange citrus scents and I'm certain this one will be no different. It's designed to look like a satsuma so as you would expect it produces a bright orange bath with a strong scent. 

Lime Pastille Bath Melt | £2 | Last time I went to Oxford street I picked up a couple of melts and I intend to do the same again this time round. Lime Pastille seems like a great option, crisp citrus scents are obviously my favourite and the colour is unusual but I imagine mixed in with some other options (maybe So White?) it could make a really stunning bath. 

Monsieur Gustave Bath Melt | £2 | The second melt I'm interested in has got to be Monsieur Gustave. This is for two reasons. 1. It reminds me of the film Ratatouille - Gustave...see the connection? Just me? 2. It's purple. Bright purple. I LOVE purple and blue baths. Anything that can make me feel like I'm bathing in the night sky will make me a happy bunny. This smells like lavender and warmth. It's the ideal night time product, and I'm really excited to use this in a cocktail of some sort. 

I'm actually really sad with some of the discontinued products this year for Christmas. For instance, WHERES CINDERS AT? Cinders was one of my all-time favourite Christmas bath bombs and it's been cruelly ripped away just when I needed it the most. Maybe a tad dramatic but you get the gist. 
What irritates me further is that they haven't replaced it. Meaning that now there is only 1 bath bomb under £3 which is the rather underwhelming Butterbear. Not cool Lush. 

This is as bad as when they took away Ponche (THE ONLY SHOWER GEL I'VE EVER LIKED FROM LUSH!). Apparently, they have made a batch of alcohol-free Ponche for the Oxford Street Store, but I have heard rumour that it lacks the kick of the old version and is by all accounts just a little bit weak. I wish they would bring back the Tequila soaked original Ponche for stores nationwide as honestly, it was the best shower gel Lush have ever made in my opinion and I would buy gallons of the stuff if they brought it back. 

Have you got any favourites from the seasonal range this year? Anything you think I need to pick up from Oxford Street? Let me know in the comments! 



  1. The comforter is my all time favourite! I really hope LUSH have a sale on this year :P

    Sophie | www.imsophiedee.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Lovely wishlist! I just picked up the Santasaurus yesterday. I'm so excited to try it! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. I always say you can never have too many bath bombs!
    Kathy x


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