Monday, 31 October 2016

October Reading Round-Up


October has been a pretty good month for reading! I'm finally feeling like I'm getting my reading mojo back and I managed to read a not too shabby total of 6* books this month. 

I think what definitely helped was setting myself a goal at the beginning of the month and keeping the books out of my bookcase in a little pile so that I saw them every day and they helped to motivate me to keep on reading. 

Without further ado I will jump straight into my mini reviews:

V.E Schwab - This Savage Song  03/10
A slow starter and took me quite awhile to get into. However, once the action does eventually take place it is awesome! The plot twist at the very end had me reeling and I am looking forward to the sequel despite my previous concerns that this would be the one Schwab novel I didn't enjoy! Also, August is adorable. 

C.M Lucas - Mist & Whispers 10/10
I really didn't enjoy this book. I found the writing dire, the storyline was riddled with plot holes and the dialogue was cringe worthy. I felt like it really needed the touch of a good editor. 

Samantha Shannon - The Bone Season #1 20/10
I adored this book, the story was so unique the plot was expertly constructed and the characters were rich and interesting. Really looking forward to the sequel. 

Jessie Burton - The Miniaturist 27/10 
This was a slow starter and I found parts frustrating at times. However, I cannot fault the writing. Jessie writes beautifully and this whimsical story had stolen my heart by the final few pages. Loved it. It's so well written and Jessie manages to evoke the characteristics of the 1600s whilst still making the book relatable and easy to read for the modern audience. There is actually very little that I can pose issue with, except the point discussed below. *SPOILERS * Whilst I really appreciate the addition of a gay man living in secrecy in the 1600s, I find his actions borderline ridiculous. For instance, why would his affair be happening at his place of work where anyone could walk in (like Nella!) and then again at the side of the warehouse in public!!! It just seems a little too convenient for the plot points and not that organic. Like why would Johannes go back with Jack, when jack has only just killed his beloved dog? It makes Johannes seem weak and infantile which totally contradicts the way his character is presented to us. Other than that, I have no issues with the book. I loved the character of Marin and I feel the way she was portrayed was perfect, it was the epitome of a woman's struggles in the 1600s and the whole plot surrounding her felt organic and well thought out. The magical elements with the Miniaturist raised enough mystery and excitement to keep me wanting to know more about her and I think I'm right in saying that there is a sequel to this novel - which if there is I really hope it delves into that magical element more. I didn't know what to expect from this novel and it kept me guessing throughout. Even though it started off feeling very slow, it has since turned into one of my top books this year

Kiera Cass - The One #3 29/10
A predictable ending to a fairly tropey series. *SPOILERS*, Of course, Mer & Max get married and it all ends happily but I felt the ending was rushed and lacked depth. Not a bad series but not phenomenal. As I'd expected this book neatly rounds itself up with a happily ever after, which was nice. The ending was nice. I wasn't blown away though. All of the action actually happened in the last 50 pages and it felt so so rushed! I was reading it thinking how on earth is this going to conclude in less than 30 pages! The answer was quickly. It all sort of came to an abrupt end and it didn't feel fitting for the characters that died to be brushed over so quickly. 

*So I know I said I had read 6 books but I've only got the reviews for 5. Well, I'm planning on reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley on Halloween - starting on the 30th October (when I'm writing this) and finishing it on Monday evening. If you're interested in my opinion and want to read a review on it, then come follow me over on Goodreads. I update daily and review the majority of the books I read!

What did you read in October? 


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