Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Feeling Excited To Write!

As soon as October looms one thing is at the forefront of my mind... National Novel Writing Month.
If you've been a regular reader, you may recall that last year I attempted NaNoWriMo and wrote all about it here. It was pretty much a massive fail on my part. I had far too much to do in November and totally overloaded myself, unprepared for the feat that was NaNoWriMo. 

However, this year, I am a free bird. I'm no longer at University and I've yet to find full-time employment so I've pretty much got the month free! Whether I update you guys on my NaNoWriMo journey or not still begs to be seen, the posts didn't attract much attention and I found them a chore to write. But that being said, if it's a successful month of writing then I may feel motivated to let you all know in December. 

Aside from the writing month, I've actually really been enjoying plummetting a lot of my time into this blog. I've really been enjoying writing my posts and I feel like the quality is improving vastly now that I have the time to sit down and write properly! 

I've created a cute lil set up on my desk, added a couple of inspiring postcards from our ole' pal Paperchase and I'm suddenly feeling like one of those professional sassy blog women who owns the world (and that just happens to make a sum total of naff all!). 

I'm also expanding my job searching horizons and decided to search for some freelance work. I genuinely love writing so I'm really excited to see where this takes me and hopefully find some more projects to work on and make the most of my creativity!


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