Saturday, 29 October 2016

Baby Steps To Self-Care

If you're looking for a post that tells you to run a lush bath and make a cup of tea then this is not your post. Instead, I want to talk about the real basics of self-care, the baby steps if you will. The things that are important to maintain a healthy mind. Not the flourishes and cutesy fun stuff that can come later. Whilst I'm a huge fan of baths and tea, this is not the time for it. Here's my self-care tips if you are having a terrible day, week, month, hell even year. 

1. Set an alarm, when you wake up open your curtains and make your bed. - By setting an alarm and waking up to it you are acknowledging the day's start. Don't put it off by staying in bed for hours, it can lead to negative thoughts. Instead, when your alarm goes off, get up and get out. Open your curtains/blinds let in the sun. Make your bed. It's a simple thing but it means that you've got a task ticked off your list only minutes after you've woken up. Look at you, you're being productive already! 

2. Have some form of breakfast - I'm not going to lecture you here and tell you to make a full breakfast because truth be known I don't eat breakfast myself 98% of the time. If eating in the morning isn't your thing, make yourself drink (I know I said no tea, but hear me out!). You need to get some fluids back into your system after being asleep. It's also a great motivator to get you out of bed. I normally get up, open my curtains, make my bed and then go downstairs to make myself a coffee before I do anything else. 

3. Shower/bath or clean your face - It's so easy for someone to say go have a shower and wash your hair. I know how draining that can feel if you're in a rut. I'm not going to guilt trip you or judge you if you don't shower for a day. If you can't bare the thought of showering or having a bath then just wash your face. It doesn't have to be with products you don't even need a flannel (although, I would advise a nice cleanser and flannel for optimal results). I feel groggy and useless when I've not washed my face, cleansing your skin is such a basic thing but it really can make you feel brighter on a shit day. 

4. Make a list - Organise yourself at the beginning of the day. Plan when you're going to have food and what you're going to have (more on that in a moment), plan to get some small tasks done, maybe put on a load of washing, tidy up your main living area or reorganise a drawer that is getting messy and annoying you. Getting small tasks ticked off early can help to lift your mood and helps to make you feel more in control of life. 

5. Plan for fun - Allow yourself some time in the day to do what you want to do. Read a book, Watch a TV show, do some mindfulness activities, draw, go for a walk. Do whatever you need to do to feel relaxed and happy. It doesn't matter if you spend 30 minutes or 5 hours doing this. Just do it. Make time for you. 

6. Eat well - Not necessarily healthily. Food is something to be enjoyed but it is also nourishment. I'm not going to recommend getting fast food or takeaways as it doesn't offer any nutritional goodies or the therapeutic effect of cooking for yourself. Instead, make an old favourite or try a new yummy recipe (highly recommend Pinterest for that) But try to include a couple of vegetables limit the dairy content. My favourite food when I'm feeling rubbish is Quorn 'chicken' burgers with homemade garlic wedges and salad. The wedges and Quorn burger offer the comfort side, but I don't feel guilty because of the salad. Having takeaway or fast food when you're feeling low is not a good idea, you can start to use it as an emotional crutch (trust me I've been there) and you will only feel negatively towards yourself after eating it because you know it's bad for you. 

7. Get some air - Whilst I would recommend going for a walk or sitting in your garden for half an hour, I'm aware this isn't always possible. If you can't leave the house and don't have a garden then open a window, get some fresh air in. The cool air helps to clear a foggy mind and can help to make you feel refreshed. 

8 Go to bed - Get an early night. Try to start winding down around 9-10pm and aim to be asleep before 12pm. Getting at least 8 hours sleep is really important but I've found that often I need around 9-10 hours to feel even vaguely human the next day. When you start to feel tired don't fight it. Allow yourself to rest, acknowledge that you deserve it and that anything that hasn't been completed in that day can be tackled the next. 

These things may seem really obvious and self-explanatory but I know I've had days where even the little things have felt like a monumental task. If you're having a rough time rememeber to be gentle on yourself. You are imporant and worthy of time and care. You deserve to be looked after and you deserve to nourish and look after your body. We are too often are own harshest critics and forget to be cheerleaders. 

Look after yourself. 


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