Tuesday, 11 October 2016

5 Reads For The Non-Reader

I talk about reading a lot over here, but I am aware that some of you just aren't readers, or perhaps you want to be, but find the bookstore an intimidating place to pick out that perfect novel.

So I thought I would make you a little list (because you know how much I love a good list!) with 5 Reads For The Non-Reader!

1. List books/collections - For example my 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die - so this is definitely the least literary on the list but hell it still counts! I always find these books make the best coffee table books + Highly practical as it gives you an insight into each TV series listed and you can make a decision beforehand on whether you actually want to watch it or not! 

2. Penguin Little Black Classics - These are released a couple of years back in celebration of 80 years of Penguin. What I like about them the most is that they are so small, usually no more than 60 or so pages and they offer you the opportunity to sample loads of different types of literature without committing to the full edition. Perfect if you're unsure of what sort of thing you would enjoy or whether you want to dabble in the classics!

3. Grimms Fairy Tales - This may seem a little childish but don't be fooled. The Grimms Fairy Tales are dark and not the fluffy Disney style stories you may imagine. This book is full of the Tales which are all short and easy to read, and is beautifully illustrated! Perfect for anyone that wants an easy bedtime read, where you can happily read one a night and put the book down feeling accomplished. There's a reason  that fairy tales are so popular when we're growing up!

4. Graphic Novels (The Wicked & The Divine) - Sometimes you want to consume a story without all the words and for that Graphic novels are perfect! I've chosen The Wicked & The Divine for this as the art work is my absolute favourite. Like just look at that below... STUNNING. For me the enjoyment of a graphic novel is solely dependent on the artwork so I'm reallllly choosy. But this one is both visually stunning whilst being a really interesting and gripping story (which totally reminds me that I neeeeed to buy the sequel!) 

5. Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes - There are so many beauty guides/manuals around at the moment but this one is hands down my favourite. Sali's writing is devilishly funny and her advice and tips are so relatable and genuinely helpful! If you're a lover of beauty and want a coffee table book that you can actually sit down and binge read then this is your book. Highly recommend!


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