Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My Reading Routine

Ta dahh, yes I have managed to get back into the swing of blogging again! I hadn't totally forgotten my little blog but last week was... hectic! So now time for a 'tiny' life catch up...

Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: GRADUATION! I graduated at Canterbury Cathedral with a 2:1 in English Literature! 
Wednesday: Twickenham Stadium Tour with Dad
Thursday-Sunday: RECOVERING. 

Like no joke that was my week! I was so totally exhausted mentally and physically from Tuesday & Wednesday and it took the rest of the week to just get back to feeling human again. 

But I'm back and have a little post about my (no bullshit) reading routine.

STEP 1: Decide to read. Light the candle and make a cup of tea - This one is a Strawberry & Raspberry tea by M&S and it's delish. 

STEP 2: Get distracted by Twitter or Bullet Journalling for at least an hour if not two. 

STEP 3: Find that comfy reading spot. Whether it's curled up on the bed or cross-legged on a desk chair, finding a comfy spot to read is vital. However, be aware that you will be uncomfortable again in roughly 1.5 chapters. Reading life yo. 

STEP 4: The integral step, choose a book. Now whether you're like me and have a TBR for the month (Check out my September TBR here) or you just have a looming pile of unread books to get through, without a book yo can't read. I usually can't choose what book to read as I have over 60 unread on my shelves + more on the kindle, so I write all my unread books down onto individual pieces of paper, fold them up and choose at random. This helps to avoid that feeling like I'm choosing between my children. 

STEP 5: To sit and read. Quite often I will do everything else on this list and never actually get round to reading. Reading Slumps are the bain of my life. I normally can read anywhere between 50-300 pages in one sitting it just really depends on the time of day, what I've got going on and my tiredness level! I try to read at least a chapter before I go to sleep but if I'm really into a book I can quite easily read 50-100 pages before bed. 

STEP 6: Rest! You've drunk all the tea, blown out the candle and got to the end of the chapter! It's really important at this point, to rest or do something other than read. I find if I take regular small breaks from reading I'm less likely to fall into a reading slump or get a book hangover! That being said I know when I finish Empire of Storms I'm going to be suffering! 

Do you have a reading routine? I thought it would be fun to share what I do on a daily basis, I want to start injecting more of my actual life into this blog so I really hope you enjoyed this little taste! 


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