Sunday, 11 September 2016

15 Things I Strive For

I'm not going to bullshit you, I am not someone that really strongly believes in the power of positive thought. HOWEVER, I do think there is something to be said about if you want something to happen badly enough it will. 

So I thought I would make this post as a little list of things I want to happen in my life. 

You guys seemed to really like this style of listicle last time I wrote "22 Things That Make Me Smile", so I thought I would do something similar but with some of my aspirations big and small for the future.
  1. Own a Chihuahua - it may sound ridiculous but I've desperately wanted a dog since the age of 11. Recently my best friend's mum rescued a little Chihuahua pup and I fell head over heels in love with him. I cannot wait to be in a situation to hopefully rescue one myself! 
  2. Move out - sort of linked to the above point. I am desperate to move out having just left uni for good, the change in lifestyle from being at uni to being an unemployed graduate is horrific so I can't wait to get back on my feet again. 
  3. Get a foot on the career ladder - my passion in life is children's literature and enabling more children to read, so I'm hoping that in 2017 I can secure my dream and become an editorial assistant so I can eventually work my way up to the children's department of a publishing house.  I was really close to it this year but was let down by a rather inconsiderate recruiter (but that's a story for another day!) 
  4. Read all the books on my shelves - I have around 60+ unread books on my shelves and I would really really like to finish them by the end of next year! I'm trying to be on a book buying ban but that's not working out so great at the moment!
  5. Learn Calligraphy - When I was younger I had a Calligraphy set and was fairly good at it, but as the years have gone on I've lost all skill and I'm back to teaching myself the basics! 
  6. Travel - I've spoken about this a few times before but travelling is a huge goal of mine. I won't list all the places here because, to be honest, it would be an entire post worth itself (I may do that in the future!) 
  7. Sell some Art - Something that I don't ever really talk about is my creative side, but I've actually been drawing since I can remember and whilst Books are my all consuming love, drawing was my first. I used to do commissioned pieces on DeviantArt but I only ever received DA points for them (back in the day!). I would really like to get back to my creative side one of these day's and maybe even start up an Etsy page. But this is all very speculative! 
  8. Get driving! - I'm currently learning to drive and I absolutely love it! I cannot wait to pass my test and get driving! It will offer me so much more freedom than I'm currently experiencing. 
  9. Publish a Novel - I've toyed with the idea of writing my own novel for years now and it's something that I plan on exploring further in the winter (hopefully I will be taking part in Nanowrimo again this year!) 
  10. Clear up my Skin - My skin has been very on and off recently and sometimes will almost trick me into thinking it's cleared right up only to unleash a mountain of spots. I would really like to get my skin cleared up in the next year so I start feeling like an actual adult! 
  11. Accomplish my blog goals - I set myself some pretty ambitious blog goals for 2016 and I'm really hoping to accomplish these soon! My goals are 1k for Insta and BlogLovin' 2.5k on Twitter and 250 on Pinterest! It's going to take some building but I'm hopeful that with some hard work I can get most of the way there if not get to it!
  12. Complete a mindfulness colouring book - Sounds random but I have an insane love of completing things. I can't leave a game unfinished and any challenge has to be completed. I absolutely hate leaving things unfinished and for some reason completing a mindfulness colouring book seems like a really satisfying thing. 
  13. Care less - A little vaguer than the rest of my list but I really need to learn to care less. I'm an overly sensitive person in some aspects in my life and I'm very critical of myself. I worry all the time that I'm not liked in the "blogging community" and I stress over the fact that I feel like my blog is failing. I also over analyse friendships and feel like I'm a burden on people. The logical side of my brain knows this is silly, but there's a vulnerable lesser seen side of me that I let rule my actions and I need to learn to banish those thoughts and not be controlled by them. 
  14. Go to a blogging event - This links to the above. I've never put myself forward for events or accepted invites as I've always felt not good enough or not popular enough to go. I'm really hoping to make a concerted effort to go to one soon. Or maybe just casually meet up with a few fellow bloggers outside of an event. That would be lovely. 
  15. Blog more! - Yes! I know! I say it all the time. I actually really love writing this blog and it genuinely makes me really happy for the most part. When I was daily blogging back in January I was over the moon. I really enjoyed it and I felt like my blog, style and writing all really improved in that short space. I would love to get back to that rhythm of daily blogging. For the time being, I'm trying to get a post up every other day and it seems to be a good balance at the moment. However, I may start adding a few more in as the months go by and try to gradually bring it back up to a daily blog.

I hope this has been an interesting post, I mainly wanted to remind myself of some of the goals I have set myself in life so that  when everything feels overwhelming I can come back here and gain some perspective or motivation. 

If you fancied doing something similar please feel free to and link to it below or send it to me on twitter @bambisblogs. I would love to know what your aspirations are! 



  1. Calligraphy is my favourite thing to do when I just want to just relax! It's such a great little skill to have :)
    Kathy x

    1. It is beautiful isn't it! I really want to buy myself some nice Calligraphy pens soon!
      Thanks for reading!
      Emily xx

  2. Such nice goals! Good luck with everything :) x

    1. Thank you so much! I will try to keep my blog updated as I tackle everything on this list! :)

      Emily xx

  3. These are really awesome goals! Having my dream dog is on my list too. I have a massive TBR pile on my shelf as well, so I should make that a goal of mine to tackle. Great post!
    Steph x.

    1. Thank you!! Aw Dogs are so cute! I can't wait to tick that one off my list!
      Thanks for reading!
      Emily xx


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