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Top 5 Summer Scents 2016

I feel like this blog post has been a reallllllly long time coming. My last post was almost a month ago (crazy!), my domain has now changed to,  and I don't know where the time has gone. So before I chat about some amazing summer scents I thought I would give you a lil' head's up on my situation at the moment and explain my random absence.

I've been in a bit of a life slump recently. 

Job hunting is a nightmare and practically impossible at the moment, I've not been able to read - which is a huge change for me as I used to average 3-4 books a month if not more -  and I've not been able to write. 

Reading and writing are basically my only real passions in life and to feel completely disconnected from them has been a living hell. 

I didn't want to force a blog post as I knew it would be pretty miserable and reflect my mood, whilst I'm totally happy to share any down moments on my blog, I didn't want this to become a really moody unhospitable place. I'm not about that. 

But the sun has come out again and I am starting to return to normal Emily. I've almost finished a book (Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Mass... OMG IT'S AMAZING) and now I'm sitting in my garden at the table - having just eaten a monster bowl of curry super noodles because that's what I do now - with my laptop typing away into this blog post that is starting to lose its original point! 

eh heh. 

So before I ramble on any further let us talk about the real reason you clicked this post... My Top 5 Summer Scents! 

Is it just me that has a selection of perfumes they will only ever wear in certain seasons? 
Like I have a ridiculous amount of perfumes that are purely for summer and then I have a few that are transitional and a few that are winter only...just me? 

ZARA- Floral Bouquet For  A Sunset In The Market £12.99 
Whilst I can't find this online, I'm sure that Zara is notorious for not having their entire perfume range available on their site. This perfume is a light floral scent that truly matches its creative description. If you're not a huge fan of floral perfumes or you find most floral perfumes to smell a little like an old lady then this could be what you are looking for. The scent is fresh and young whilst still giving you that feeling of being surrounded by beautifully smelling flowers. This is a 100ml bottle and it really lasts, I've used mine a lot and it's barely gone down at all! 
As far as potency goes you will need to reapply this half way through the day but it's fairly good on longevity. 

Best in the daytime. 

LUSH - Furze body spray - £18 approx (from memory) 
This is an Oxford Street exclusive (as far as I'm aware!) but is available as a perfume online and perhaps in some stores.  As we all know Lush is amazing for taking iconic smells and putting them in different formats and Furze is no different. Furze first came to my attention in the Oxford street store as a bath melt - if you've never been to the Oxford Street store then just know that they have an amazing display of bath melts that I could peruse over for hours! The Furze bath melt is a funny little green ball that looks like it's been rolled in the grass and has a vibrant pink flower on top. It certainly is one of the most eye-catching bath melts, but it's the smell that won me over. Furze is a grassy scent but is dominated by the smells of coconut, vanilla, and neroli. It's a strong scent and really packs a punch (no joke I often choke myself spraying this as it's very strong when you first spray it) but the smell is beautiful and if you're looking for a little touch of tropical whilst enjoying the English summer, I couldn't think of a better body spray. 

Best at the beach. 

If you've been reading my blog for a long time then you will already know about my love for this perfume - it is well documented. It all started when I received a sample in my first ever GlossyBox (back in 2013 I believe!) and I instantly fell in love with the gloriously fruity, fresh scent. I had never smelt anything like it and that still stands true today. Fleur de Figuier is everything it tells you, floral and fruity all at once. It has brought it's 'A' game. I honestly don't have the words to describe how much I love this perfume other than sweet figgy glory! If you're a fan of sweet fruity scents that aren't sickly this is for you! 

Best at any time because it's delicious. 

This is a perfume that I brought before my holiday last year to Crete. I don't know about you but I always have to buy an "airport perfume" before I go on holiday and after a ridiculous amount of iffing and arring I decided to go for Escada's Turquoise Summer. To me this is the ideal holiday perfume, it has got the same coconut, vanilla vibes as Furze has but it's got a sweet background that is almost reminiscent of suntan lotion. Whenever I smell this perfume it instantly takes me back to being on holiday and it's such a bargain at £26 for 100ml. It's not the most complex perfume in the world but it certainly doesn't smell cheap and it's ideal for those hot sticky days in summer. 

Best for sunny holidays. 

Last but certainly not least is the queen of perfumes. My all-time couldn't live without perfume. Giorgio Armani's Si. This is totally different to the past 4 perfumes which have all been pretty light, fresh and young. Si is a whole other ball game. It's a sultry perfume with a slight hint of musk that makes you feel like a woman that has her shit together, whilst it still has a fruity subtilty that lifts it and makes it less intimidating. This is a tiny cheat for me as in the real world I would wear this perfume year-round. It's not solely a summer or winter perfume, it's just a really bloody lovely perfume! 

Best for date nights or when you want to feel a little more empowered. 

As you can tell, I'm a huge perfume/body spray/scent person and I am definitely becoming a hoarder. 

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful my new phone case is... 

It's the chunkiest thing on earth but UNICORNS, CATS, AND GLITTER?! You can't get much closer to perfection if you ask me - plus it was like £4-5 on amazon, so win! 

That's all from me today! I'm really hoping I can keep this motivation up and get back to my old ways of daily blogging! That would be amazing! Thank you so much for your continued support! 



  1. So many nice scents I want to try out! There are a lot of brands I haven't used before but I'm very excited to find these new products :)
    Kathy x

    1. Hi Kathy! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! These are all absolute favourites of mine so I really can't recommend them enough! Have fun sniffing! xx

  2. Si is such a gorgeous perfume, fast becoming one of my favourites!

    Parie x

    1. It's my favourite! Such a beautiful scent! :D xx


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