Friday, 22 July 2016

Summer Accessory Lusting

Do you ever get that feeling where you buy something and feel worried about wearing it, but then when you actually wear it for the first time you can't take it off because oh my days you're in love??

Yeah that. 

For months, I've been lusting over choker necklaces, worried that they were too "edgy" for me, or that people would think I was being too cliche. Then I realised that actually I don't care what people think and it was about time I brought something out of my comfort zone. 

So I bit the bullet and brought this cute little Multirow Feather Choker Necklace from ASOS. 

I'm totally in love with it and I feel like it makes every outfit look more put together, which is something of an accomplishment for me as I am sooooooo not put together. 

Now I can't stop. I have a little list of varied accessories piling up that I hope to buy soon and I thought I would share my favourite pieces over here!


I've never been one to hoard sunglasses, but recently I've definitely been seeing the appeal! 
My personal favourites are these Quay Cherry Bomb round sunnies, with the metallic pink hue and the reflective mirrored lenses these are everything I am loving in Sunglasses right now. For only £35 I think they are well worth the money. 

The Monki pair struck a chord with my stereotypical blogger heart. As a huge fan of cat-eye style sunglasses and the fact that they are rose gold, I just couldn't not include them. The best bit? These babes are only £10, bargain friendly and beautiful, what more could you ask?

The cat-eyed ASOS offering are what I would consider my safe option, they look really timeless and I think they would definitely make you look and feel like a classy lady walking around with these on. Again these are a total bargain at only £12


Quite obviously there was going to be a choker section to this post. I am totally obsessed and I'm already finding myself lusting over new chokers. This will 100% be a collection that I intend on growing. 

My favourite is definitely a tie between the River Island rose gold offering and the Urban Outfitters opal choker. I love the daintiness of both, the River Island choker would definitely be cute when you need to be slightly smarter - like going on a date night, whilst the Urban Outfitters offering is just so simple and stunning, it would look great with so many outfits and definitely looks more expensive than £14. 


Shoes are not a new love of mine, but my tastes have definitely changed as I've got older. Nowadays I'm really feeling the structured, black sandals with clean lines and no fuss.

My favourites out of this bunch have got to be the Topshop heeled sandals, I have a similar pair to this already from Topshop and they are super comfy. So I would definitely be keen to get myself another similar pair.
I also love the Birkenstock's, I know these are really love/hate but they look so comfy and I think paired with a pair of skinny jeans and a loose t-shirt they would look ace - for one of those days when you can't be bothered to make an effort but you know you need to look like you've got your shit together.


Okay, so this may be a little bit of an outsider as technically nails aren't accessories. However, I felt it was still relevant as having your nails painted can really tie together an outfit and sometimes it's the smallest details that matter.

I've recently become super obsessed with holographic nail polish (thanks to Simply Nailogical - highly recommend her, shes hilarious!), the WAH London polish looks like the perfect smooth holo, I will definitely be purchasing this very soon! I'm also in love with Mavala nail polishes as not only do they apply like a dream, but they also have a huge array of colours and formulas for around £4-5! This Mavala polish in Moonstone looks dreamy and I think it would look beautiful in the sunlight.

So that's it for today's post. A little different to my usual offering so I hope you don't mind. I've always wanted to write posts like this but have never been able to figure out a clean and easy way of doing it until I found out about ShopStyle Collective, which has been a breeze to use! I'm not sponsored in anyway by ShopStyle, but I just felt like it needed a mention as I've never written any posts like this before and honestly the service is so easy to use I was kicking myself for not investigating any sooner!

Are there any summer accessory must haves that you're lusting over? 



  1. I know what you mean about chokers, I sometimes wonder if I'm able to pull them off haha but your feather one is so cute!! Would love if you could check out my recent post? X

    The Fashion Road
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

  2. I feel like summer is over now! But all those sun glasses are stunning!

    Corinne x

  3. I've been wanting to try Nails Inc for ages but just haven't gotten round to getting any but the holographic/shiny colour looks so nice!
    Kathy x


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