Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Battle of the Brushes - The Ultimate Multi-Tasking Brush Review

A few months back (more than I would like to admit) I was given the amazing opportunity by makeupbrushes.co.uk to review a couple of the Multi Tasking make-up brushes they sell on their site. Now me being me I love a good comparison post and knowing I had a couple of very similar brushes I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to compare and contrast them and write up my thoughts for you. 

The four brushes I have to chat about are:
Zoeva - 102/ Silk Finish Brush
Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush
So eco - Multi Tasking Brush*
Brushworks - Multi Tasking Brush*

To compare, I have used all four brushes for Foundation, Concealer and Powder to see how they perform and I will be marking them on density, application of product and softness. 

Zoeva - 102/ Silk Finish EUR 14.80 (approx: £11.22) 
Vegan?  Yes. 
Density? 9/10: This brush has the most density of them all allowing for easier foundation application. 
Application? 6/10: Due to the high density this brush applies liquid make-up like a dream. However, for powders and blending the high density can act as a weakness, as it feels sometimes as if it drags the make-up rather than blending, so you do need to spend some time with it and be careful not to overload the brush with product. Overall though, it is a great brush for the initial application of foundation and will blend it flawlessly into the skin after some buffing. 
Softness? 9/10: Very soft Taklon bristles. 

Vegan?  Yes. 
Density? 5/10: This is a medium density brush and whilst it holds more structure than the usual powder brush it is not as dense as the Zoeva or Real Techinques. 
Application? 7/10: Due to the lessened density this brush does not perform in the same way to the Zoeva, rather it's increased flexibility makes it perfect for that final buffing of product to produce a flawless finish but does not perform so well when initially applying the foundation. However, this brush is the most suited to powders and works perfectly as a blush or contour brush. 
Softness? 9/10: Another super soft brush made from Taklon.

Vegan?  Yes. 
Density? 8/10: Almost as dense as the Zoeva but not quite. To me this brush is the perfect all-rounder. 
Application? 9/10: As I said, this brush is the perfect all rounder for me. It perfectly applies and blends foundation and concealer whilst being great for contouring. However, it is a little on the short and dense side for blush. 
Softness? 9/10: Again a brush made from Taklon and super soft.

Vegan?  Yes.
Density? 5.5/10: Slightly more dense than the So Eco but not massively. 
Application? 7/10: Performs very similarly to the So Eco brush as they are both almost identically made. Again it is great for that final buffing in of product and is fantastic for powders, including blush. However, it does fall down against applying liquid foundation as it seems to suck up more product than it distributes.
Softness? 9/10 Like the others this is also made from Taklon and creates a super soft brush. 

So there we have it. Four brushes compared, you decide who wins!
In all seriousness all four brushes are brilliant and I am over the moon with the quality of all of them. Ranging in price from £11.22 - £6.99 I think there is something here to suit everyone. 
Thank you to makeupbrushes.co.uk for gifting the Brush Works and So Eco brushes. 
They offer free First Class shipping and discount prices on their site so go check it out! 

Thanks for reading and as always leave a comment below and let me know what you think! 



  1. I swear by the Real Techniques brush - it is definitely my favourite brush! I have a few Zoeva brushes that I love too, maybe I should try out the silk finish! Thanks for sharing :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. I highly recommend the silk finish! It's great! :) Thanks for reading! xx

  2. I need to check this site out because I love a good makeup brush! I love the RT Expert Face Brush and used it every day up until very recently (it has since been replaced by the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge). I've been dying to try the Zoeva Silk Finish brush but since I've been using sponges now for foundation there isn't much point in me buying it anytime soon, although I love the couple of Zoeva brushes that are in my collection.

    I am looking for a new powder brush, so that So Eco brush looks like the sort of brush I need in my life, and soon!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

    1. I highly recommend it! Brilliant site and very easy to use! Yes if your looking for a slightly denser powder brush the So Eco one is absolutely perfect! xx


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