Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Why Periods Suck.

The majority of Women at some point in their life will experience the joys of their monthly's and they absolutely SUCK. Here's a little post to have a giggle at all the stuff that annoys the hell out of us 7 days out of 28. 

  1. Sneezing. I really don't think this needs explaining. All I'm going to say is that I think everyone says a little prayer when they feel a sneeze coming when you're on that time. It's the grimmest experience ever. 
  2. Mood Swings. Happy to hungry, to angry, to sad all in around 20 seconds. Don't even try to speak to me I will hate you immediately. Just leave food outside my door and send me a text, I will see you next week. 
  3. MONEY. Urgh! Don't get me started on this. I really love being slightly bankrupt every month just for the sake of being sanitary because my uterus lining has decided to leave the building. Thanks Government. 
  4. Food. This links to number 2. I am usually either STARVING hungry or I've got no appetite and the thought of eating makes me feel physically sick. Don't plan on sticking to that healthy eating plan this week "I was meant to be eating salad tonight but I've opted for a jar of peanut butter with a side order of self loathing" 
  5. Ugly Black Undies. All that cute pretty underwear is essentially useless. Hello black Bridget Jones pants. Because you know you're not going to risk ruining any coloured or white pants so Black is really your only option. It is also on this week that you realise you don't own enough black pants and you now have to make a 'Sophie's choice' on what cute pants you're going to ruin for eternity
Urgh. Periods really do suck. I could have gone on for ages on this but I wanted to keep it short and sweet! If your currently having a visit from your Aunt Flo then I'm sorry. I hope you have no need to leave your bed and someone brings you food every 2-3 hours without talking to you - you deserve it. 



  1. I love this post! I wish people would talk about taboo topics more like this because they are completely normal! I hate it when it starts randomly when you are doing something and you can't get to a sanitary towel!!! Yucky! Haha

    1. Haha! Yeah I see no reason at all why Periods should be seen as Taboo. It's completely natural and although it's unpleasant there is really not an awful lot we can do about it so we might as well have a laugh over it! Thanks for reading!
      Emily xx

  2. Laughing at the sneezing bit... oh so true!!!


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