Tuesday, 9 February 2016

My 5 Product Face When You Only Have 5 Minutes.

Some day's you just don't have the time to put on full make-up but you want to look decent when you leave the house. On days like this I think it is imperative that you have a 5 piece kit of products you can depend on when you're in a hurry.
Rimmel Match Perfection: I've been using this foundation for years and it is a basic go to product for me. It's nothing to shout home about but if you are looking for a medium coverage foundation that buffs in easily and gives a not matte/not shiny finish then this is your boy. 
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: I don't know anyone that doesn't use this religiously (well apart from my mum who is obsessively loyal to Clinique at the moment), its a really good basic concealer that is full coverage and can hide a multitude of sins. Lovely. 
L'oreal Super Liner: I go through love/hate moments with this Eyeliner, but the long nib does allow you to apply upper eye liner with ease. I don't think I've ever found an alternative that is quite as quick and handy to use! 
Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara: A fairly new addition to my collection. I have very long eyelashes naturally (thanks parents!) so I just look for lift, volume and definition in a mascara. This delivers all three for me and doesn't clump!! It has a plastic brush as well which is my preference when it comes to brushes so this is a big winner for me!
L'oreal Infalliable Mega Lip Gloss in Who's The Boss: I love a good plum lip and this is perfect for a quick apply and go, super easy doe foot applicator that traces the curves of your lips, this makes a bold lip look easy. I really like how pigmented this gloss is and it doesn't leave my lips feeling gloopy like a lot of other glosses. This is a step that is obviously interchangeable but if I'm in a rush then I will normally always opt for a good gloss to get me through the day and make me look just that little bit more put together. 

I hope this has given you some ideas for you're own 5 product, 5 minute kit. I really do recommend having something like this at hand for when you're having a stressful rushed morning and needed to get out of the house 5 minutes ago. Let me know you're go-to quick products, I'm always keen for suggestions!

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  1. I'm so behind o the bandwagon I still haven't tried that concealer!!! I keep telling myself I'll go buy it but I never do, but you've reminded me so I must go get it haha! That lipgloss looks gorgeous too, although I never wear glosses because of how sticky some can be, whenever I step outside the wind makes my hair stick tom lips haha, but this one sounds really nice so I'll have to try it out!! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky


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