Wednesday, 17 February 2016

5 Tips To Get You Through Hump Day

So it's mid-week and you're feeling a mixture of content as you're past those hideous early week days but disdain as you've still got another 2 day's before you can enjoy the warm embrace of Friday evening Netflix. Of course I'm generalizing here and if you work over the weekend then I'm sorry and I hope this post helps to pick you up anyway, personally for me Wednesday's are more depressing than Monday's so here are my 5 Tips To Get You Through Hump Day.

1. Go on a walk - nothing helps to kick out that groggy Wednesday feeling like a good morning walk. It helps to wake you up, motivate you and the change of pace can be enough to sort you out for the day.
2. Create a to-do list - I often find that I feel really unmotivated on Hump Day, if I'm left to my own devices at home then I will be more than tempted to stick on netflix and binge watch all day in bed. Which as lovely as that is, it's not particularly conducive to getting a good degree! Make a detailed to-do list telling yourself what to do at what time in order to get motivated - but don't forget to give yourself breaks!
3. Plan your favourite meal for dinner - Food is a big motivator for me and sometimes just knowing that I'm going to have my favourite meal for dinner is enough to get me through the day. "Come on Emily you can read another 100 pages, you've got fajitas for dinner" - That's genuinely been a thought process before, no joke. 
4. Shut down social media - Sometimes particularly on hump days I just get fed up with social media and the neediness of it all. I think it's healthy to just shut out social media for a few hours and focus on yourself for a bit. Nothing bad will happen if you ignore it for a bit. 
5. Give yourself a reward system - I often find this really helps with my motivation if I tell myself "you can watch an episode of PLL if you finish that novel today." Creating small reward systems can really help to boost motivation and will inevitably make the day go by quicker. 

I hope you all have a happy hump day and just remember it's almost Friday!


  1. I always writE a to do list :) For some reason it helps so much! I really enjoyed this post hun xxx

  2. Reward systems are the best! I find that I just get stuff done so much quicker when I know I'll be able to relax right after hahah! This was a great post with great tips !

    Kathy xx


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