Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Black Sheep of Blogging

Yaaaas new photography set up. Slightly ruined by my crudely drawn sheep. 

This post is probably going to be quite self indulgent so bear with me. 
Today I thought I would share something that is perhaps a little more personal to me so expect a chatty poorly edited ramble of thoughts. However,  I don't think this is necessarily something that only applies to me. In fact I think it's something that we probably feel at one point or another in the crazy competitive world of blogging...

Being The Black Sheep of Blogging. 

The blogging community is huge. It's growing by the day with new exciting bloggers all keen and raring to go with their fresh minds and enthusiasm. This is amazing and it's one of the things that I love about blogging. However, with all the increasing bloggers everyday it's easy to feel lost in the ether. 
I've had times (and I'm sure you will have as well) when I have had major self-doubt as to my own ability as a blogger. The thoughts arrive like "I've been blogging for two years and no one knows me", "no one likes me", "I'm not as good as them", "why has that person ignored my tweet, do they not want to speak to me?" ... these are all things that I have thought and felt insecure about at one time or another. 
I've had times where I have been convinced certain bloggers didn't like me. Completely unfounded may I add! It's ridiculous but the blogging world is so vast and hectic that it's hardly surprising that now and then you feel left out. 

I have Social Anxiety and that does usually result in me over exaggerating every tiny minute detail when it comes to social situations. My brain over thinks everything and I'm prone to over-reacting if I think I've upset someone or annoyed someone, due to my anxiety kicking in and basically telling me what an idiot I am. When I reflect I realise that actually no, the chances are with so many hundreds of bloggers my single small voice is just getting lost in the masses. 

The reason I wanted to write this rambling little post is because I think this is something that a lot of bloggers feel. Often we feel like we can't talk to "X, Y,Z" blogger because they are "too cool" or that "they won't want to speak to me" this is ridiculous. They are still humans regardless of the following they have, and I'm sure that the majority of bloggers will be more than happy to have a chat to anyone because they are almost certainly having or have had the same inner turmoil not wanting to talk to someone because they are intimidated. 

However its not all doom and gloom and before I end this little ramble,  I will make a special mention to a movement that has helped me no end with feeling part of the blogging community recently and banishing my self doubt. #TheGirlGang (formerly #Girlgang) created by the wonderful Jemma from Dorkface has completely changed how I feel about the blogging community. This (not so) little community of 1000+ people is one of the most supportive networks I have ever found. If your feeling like shit, you will always have someone telling you how great you are and offering support. It's just a really lovely community and I am so thankful to Jemma for having the idea and spreading the blogger love. 

I hope this post actually made sense as to be honest it is a bit of a ramble!

I think to summarise, I just wanted to say. If you're feeling isolated and left out of the blogging world, it's nothing to worry over. You are not alone. It's something we are all susceptible to feeling. 
So pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep being awesome. 



  1. I love the #girlgang concept, I am a member myself and I think it is great! I can definitely relate to not wanting to talk to certain bloggers because they seem to famous! I kind of just got over that now and started tweeting them! More positivity!

    1. Yeah exactly! :) Thank you for reading! xx

  2. I feel this way from time to time!! My anxiety makes me wary about talking to other bloggers because I think they're not going to want to talk to me because they have a bigger following etc! I'm so glad I've started using Twitter for my blog, I found a great community and the Twitter chats are amazing, they have strengthened my confidence to talk to other bloggers! I absolutely love the girl gang, it's so inspiring and makes me so happy to be apart of the community! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I think everyone does Becky, that's why I felt strongly enough to write the post! You're right there really are some great communities on twitter now and it's great to be able to be part of them! Thanks for reading xx

  3. Great post Emily!
    My first year of blogging I was basically just talking to myself. For some reason I didn't even network or put my blog out there. My posts aren't even that crap but I was soo embarrassed of that first year! So many people seemed to do so well in their very first year, and here I was, finally making progress during year 2. 2016 is my third year being a blogger and I have seriously come so far, and I will continue to do so! I know you will too.
    But yes how good is The Girl Gang, I can't wait to see where that will go. :)
    Tegan xx -

    1. Thank you Tegan! I think so many people feel this way! It's crazy really! Thanks for reading!! xx

  4. I love this! I've often felt the same way a lot of times in the past and have considered blogging about it as well. But I didnt do it because I was consumed by the thought that people might just end up judging me anyway. This was really well-written! And I'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog! :)

    Alyssa's Struggle for Sanity


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