Friday, 22 January 2016

Ten Signs You're Too Close To Your Other Half.

OKAY OKAY, before I get screamed at because "not everyone has a partner Emily!" these can all applied to your best friend just as easily. I mean I would have added it to the picture but then the writing wouldn't have looked as good... #bloggerproblems. 

  1. Who needs functioning hands when they can do it for you? Need a drink - they can pass it. Need to put on your shoes and socks - they can put them on for you! Why move when you can get the other human to do it. 
  2. You have jokes between you that only you guys find funny... feel sorry for that poor old lady who almost met her fate as she accidentally got in the way of you shouting "RKO outta nowhere"...
  3. Toilet talk is no longer taboo, in fact its hilarious and makes up about 60% of your day to day conversations. 
  4. You start finishing each others sentences or accurately second guessing what they have to say. It's not even cute any more. It's just started to get a little bit creepy. 
  5. They can tell when your hungry just through your mannerisms - "oh your starting to look like a combination of lethargic and 'I want to murder everything' ... you probably need food."
  6. You have words/ catchphrases that only the two of you will understand and to everyone else just sounds like your on a day trip from the insane asylum. 
  7. You feel perfectly comfortable insulting everything about them and knowing that 9/10 times they will take it well. "Mate your looking like an absolute wreck today and you smell like beans... well done" 
  8. You overly praise them on the smallest accomplishment - "YOU GOT OUT OF BED ON YOUR OWN TODAY? You. Are. A. Superstar." 
  9. You start buying things because you know they will like them. Talk about selfless... oh wait, you two are so close that you also know you will like them and that's the real reason you brought it ... cheeky. 
  10. You can't imagine your life without them, mainly because without them you would actually have to start being a reasonable human being and really who wants that? 
Ta Dah! There you have it! 
These definitely apply to both my boyfriend and my best friends, I feel sorry for them having to put up with me to be honest!



  1. I sometimes think about some of the stuff me and my husband say or do to each other and think do normal people do this??

    1. Hahahaha! Yes! I think everyone is a little weird with their other half! xx

  2. Haha 'you smell like beans' cracked me up!! Toilet talk is at large in our house, my mum always cringes at mine and my husbands poo chats haha XX

    1. Hahaha!! I'm always talking about poop with both my boyfriend and bestfriend! Thanks for reading!! xx


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