Monday, 25 January 2016

REVIEW: Blogger Beauty Box - January 2016

We all love a new beauty box right? I know I do and when I found out about the Blogger Beauty Box run by the lovely Vix I was so excited to give it a try. At only £10 a box this is a lovely idea to get your hands on some goodies and support a fellow blogger whilst you're at it. 

How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tanner - This is the biggest item in the box and so logically I want to start with it. The How Now Brown Cow is an all natural tanning cream that hasn't got all the nasties that usual tanning creams have. What I like about this company is that they're completely transparent with their ingredients and there genuinely isn't anything grim in this! You can purchase this for £15.50 so you've already made your money back on this box! I've not actually tested this yet as I like to embrace the pale in winter but I will definitely be reaching for this come spring time! You can check it out here.

Anubis Barcelona Red Fruit Cream - I really can't find anything about this product online so all I can tell you is that it's a facial moisturiser that is made with red berries and doesn't contain parabens. I'm sorry I can't give you more details (if you have any more info please let me know!) It feels nice on the skin, it absorbs well and doesn't feel too heavy so I imagine I will quite enjoy using this, but I just wish I had more details!!  

I love... Mango & Papaya, Raspberry & Blackberry Shower Creme - I've never tried this brand of shower gel before but I am close to running out of my Roger & Gallet so I quite happy to receive these mini's to test. The Mango & Papaya smells divine, but the Raspberry & Blackberry smells like that "Blue Raspberry" sweet flavour that was super popular back in the early 2000's - which isn't really my thing. That being said I'm still looking forward to using these as they create a nice lather and do leave your skin feeling moisturised.  You can purchase the full sizes on Superdrug for £2.99 so they are budget friendly as well! 

MUA Lip Liner in Softly Lined - Of all the products this is the one that really disappointed me. I don't find myself often searching around the MUA stand when I'm in superdrug just because if I'm spending money out on makeup I always want good quality (ngl I'm abit of a snob like that). But regardless the price doesn't always mean it's going to be correspondingly rubbish so I put my reservations aside and tested this curiously metallic shade out. I can't lie to you. I hated it. It's a shimmery/frosted baby pink and not only does it look bloody awful on but it also sucks all the moisture out of my eternally dry lips. This is a shame as I'm sure if I received a different colour my experience would have been better. But I'm just not a baby pink kinda gal and I'm pretty obsessed with a bold dark lip at the moment anyway so even if I did dig that frosted metallic look... I still probably wouldn't be getting any use out of it. 

Overall I did like this box and for £10 you really can't argue about its value for money. It's a shame that a couple of items hit a flat note with me (that Anubis face cream is still annoying me because I need more info) but I think that's more down to personal preference then anything else. I'm also aware that Vicky had problems with this box as a couple of brands dropped out last minute and I think she has done an absolute bloody amazing job considering. So hats off to you Vicky if you're reading!

You can find out more about the Blogger Beauty Box and even treat yourself to one  here.



  1. I don't think I've heard of this sub box - it looks great x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. It's quite new I believe and run by a blogger for bloggers so it's very unique! I really do recommend having a browse! xx


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