Friday, 8 January 2016

REVIEW: Alpha-H Gift Set

Yes those are chocolate coins. I have no regrets. 

I am a massive fan of the Alpha-H skincare. Alpha-H commonly known for their Liquid Gold are potentially my favourite Skincare brand ever. That's tough for me to say because Skincare is my thing but if I had to stick to one brand for my entire life, it would be Alpha-H. 
Over Christmas I was lucky enough to receive this lovely gift set from my parents and I thought I would do a little review to clue you in on two/three of my favourite products.

In the set I received:
50ml of Alpha-H Liquid Gold,
100ml of Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 
 1 Licorice and Mint Soy Candle.

The main reason I wanted to write about this set, is pretty much for the Balancing Cleanser. Whilst I could happily write a full review on just that, the other two products are both just as swoon worthy so I thought I would do a big ole review for you - 3 for the price of 1 if you like. 

Alpha-H Liquid Gold
I've spoken about this before but I don't care to share the posts because quite frankly they're shit. But if you want to have a lookie then feel free to browse "Alpha H" on the search bar above. Just be aware that they are such a huge crock of shit that I didn't even want to promo them. 
Annnnnnyway, Alpha-H Liquid Gold is acid for your face, not the burny or trippy kind but the nice Glycolic kind that sloughs away dead skin and leaves you fresh as that metaphorical daisy. It's claim to fame is that it's "The overnight facial" and I would say that its got some grounding to it. My face always looks fresher, brighter and smoother after using it and I'm going to continue to use it as a little weekly treatment for the foreseeable future. (Please be aware if you use this you do need to use a strong SPF the day after to avoid skin damage.)

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser
I have never encountered a cleanser quite as gentle as this. I can essentially rub this into my eyes and it won't sting at all (not that I'm seriously recommending it!) My eyes can be quite sensitive to cleansers and even Micellar water stings most of the time, but with this cleanser there is nothing. What there is though is a stella performance cleansing wise. This little gem destroys the makeup and oil on my incredibly temperamental skin and leaves behind peachy smooth loveliness. I actually think it's helping to clear up my stress spots but that's another post. 

Alpha-H Liquorice and Mint Soy Candle
If you had of told me a month ago that my favourite candle would smell of Liquorice, I would have walked away as you're clearly a nutter that goes about telling people what their favourite candle will be in a set amount of time and quite frankly that's just a little bit strange. But in all seriousness I would have never expected to fall in love with a Liquorice scented candle. I have an immense hatred of Liquorice and have ever since I can remember, I used to eat those Sherbet fountain sweets as a kid and just eat the sherbet and give mum the Liquorice because yum Sherbet and eww Liquorice. This candle doesn't smell like the Barratt Liquorice though, it smells sweet but musky and fresh with the mint. It's a hard one to describe actually now that I try but it's good. In fact it's so good that I'm planning on saving it until November once the boy and I have gotten our own place, In my head I'm thinking it will make a great Lounge candle as you just know it's going to kick off a whopper of a scent. 


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