Thursday, 14 January 2016

January Lush Haul

I love Lush. This will be a reoccurring theme throughout my blog so if you're not a fan then soz. 
This months Lush Haul is a little bit of a cheat on my behalf as they are actually ones that I received over Christmas. I'm not someone that hoards loads of bath bombs and doesn't use them so I won't buy any more until my current stash is looking a little low or there are some new themed ones coming out. I'm already perusing the Valentines selection though and I'm going to be making some cheeky purchases next week so that haul will be out early Feb! 

Onto today's post. This might be abit of a teaser as 3 of the 5 bath bombs I have to show you are Christmas ones and as far as I'm aware they are no longer available in stores but I am going to suggest alternatives that I think are "similar". 

So White Bath Bomb - This is the first of the Christmas Teasers, So White is a fave of mine, it smells like crisp apples and I wish they released this all year round as I think it's lovely for spring time - which is what I'm saving mine for! 
All Year Round Alternative - Dragons Egg Bath Bomb: Dragons Egg is another favourite, it doesn't have the apple scent but instead its very citrus-y and feels mighty refreshing. I think this is a great alternative. 

Star Dust Bath Bomb - Another Christmas Bath Bomb. This has a rich vanilla scent and is meant to be quite moisturising for your skin. This will be used when I want a really relaxing pampering bath and I plan to sit in it for a hour with a good book. 
All Year Round Alternative - Floating Island Bath Melt: This has a very similar scent of rich vanilla and releases oils into your bath to nourish your skin. I think this would be an amazing all year round alternative. 

YogNog Bath Bomb - The last of my Christmas Gifts, Yognog smells like smoky toffee. The best way to describe it is probably the smell of caramelised sugar and a open wood fire. Its so decadently warm and indulgent that I became a little obsessed over it. 
All Year Round Alternative -Sadly there isn't anything all year round that smells comparable to it but I think experience wise the best bet is Yoga Bath Bomb - Yoga is a woody scent that again is so warm and indulgent it just makes you want to stay in the bath forever. 

Sakura Bath Bomb - This is probably one of the first bath bombs I ever used from lush and I have been in love with it ever since. It has a fresh smell of mimosa, jasmine and sea salt and for me it is the ultimate pick-me-up. As you can see I was eager to get started with this Bath Bomb as I've already used half. The salt helps to moisturise your skin and leaves your legs feeling 'dolphin' smooth. 

The Comforter Bubble Bar - Bubble Bars are usually my favourite thing to pick up in lush as I do love a good bubble bath. The comforter is one of my most loved additions. It smells like Blackcurrant and turns your bath water a vibrant pink. I'm not usually one for Blackcurrant smells but this is definitely the exception to the rule. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you doing you crazy? Go buy it. 



  1. I love Lush too! So White is on of my favourites! :) I love this post!

    Jemma |

  2. I went in there the other day for bath bombs and came out with a shimmy shimmy bar .... not I just need a night out so I can use it! XX Lovely photos by the way sweetie

    1. Haha!! That always happens doesn't it!! Thank you so much Gemma! xx

  3. I love Lush!! I'm so excited for the Valentines collection! I'm such a hoarder when it comes to Lush! Ive tried yog nog it's one of my faves as the scent is amazing! I also have tried star dust before which is really moisturising and the cure colourful stars that come out are wonderful!! I have the comforter bubble bar but haven't used it yet I'm so excited!! XXXX
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Me too! Can't wait to pick up some of the Valentines day stuff! Ohhh you will love The Comforter it's great! xx


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