Saturday, 23 January 2016

January Fitness Update

It's that time of the month. January Fitness Update time... yeah, about that. 

OKAY let me be straight with you. I had great intentions to kick start my fitness journey in 2016 and if I'm being totally honest... that didn't happen. Not because I didn't want it to but because I've just not been able to. I've been so busy doing assignments, dissertation, reading and running my blog that I've not really thought about spending half an hour in front of my laptop doing pilates routines from YouTube. 

It's not all negative though, I have managed to create a healthy eating plan for myself (with a little bit of help from the general rules and guidelines of the Slimmers World eating plan), I've ditched the scales and allowed myself to be free from those counter-productive numbers (post here) and I've agreed to go walking in the mornings with my house mate 3-4 times a week. 

Here's a quick run down of what I want to achieve in February:
  • Get Active - Do 3-4 early morning walks a week. 
  • Continue Eating Well - Eat less "treat" food, things got a little out of hand whilst Dan's visited and the diet went out the window. Sort that out!
  • Try to do yoga in the evenings - I really enjoy Yoga and it helps to switch myself off at night. I would love to get back into doing Yoga workouts at night. 

That's what I've been up to... not a lot. Lets hope next month is better eh! 



  1. I think walks are the best thing to just get you back into the exercise routine! I definitely noticed a difference when I got my fitbit and got up and walking!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Yes definitely! I've just started my walking this week and so far I'm loving it! xx


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