Tuesday, 19 January 2016

How To Live In A House Share Without Going Insane

  1. You Can't. - Literally stop trying. You are going to go slightly insane at some point living with a bunch of people you would really rather not be. 
  2. Ignore Everything - If all else fails ignore it. Yeah you may have asked at least 10 times for people to put away their dishes and they still don't do it but just let it pass over you. If you harbour this annoyance it will turn into an all consuming hatred. Trust. 
  3. Make a cleaning rota from the off set - Don't be an idiot and think that you can come to some sort of cleaning agreement without the childish futility of a rota. You are fooling yo' self. Set that rota in place and stick to it. It solves a lot of arguments about who's taking out the bins. 
  4. Segregate your items - Oh you might be bessies with your housemate now but guarantee that at some point they are going to annoy the shit out of you because they are not only using your shit but they are RUINING it. Just keep your items to yourself and it saves the annoyance!
  5. Be polite - Okay, so you may not get on with your housemates, you may think they are absolute knob jockeys. But be polite. If they enter a room your in, say Hi. You live together, being civil is always the best course. NB: You don't have to be pally. No one wants that fakery.
  6. Do your dishes - See point 3. DO YO FUCKING DISHES. Seriously. It's so annoying. There is no reason why you can't wash up and put away your stuff after you've eaten. It literally takes 5 minutes. Unless you are bleeding out there is no excuse. 
  7. Try to avoid being a general arsehole - See all the above points. If you're not following them, you're probably being an arsehole. Fix that. 
  8. Remember that it's not permanent and breathe -  You might be one of the very few and get along with all your housemates, in which case I salute you and I hope it lasts. If not like me then just remember it's not a permanent situation and you will get through it without actually going insane. Just follow the above tips and breathe! 


  1. Reading this reminds me of how much I don't miss University!
    I hope things improve for you soon and that it doesn't ruin your experience.

    Still, really funny read so thank you!

    1. Hahah! I'm actually enjoying it all this aside! But I am very excited to be moving out and starting my own life properly to be honest! Glad you found it funny, I do wonder if I over-step the mark sometimes haha! xx


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