Friday, 15 January 2016

How To Improve Your Blog Photos For £10

Getting nice blog photos has been something I have struggled with since the very beginning of starting this blog. I look in awe at the beautifully designed flat lays that seem to appear as though they have come straight out of Marie Claire and wish that I could create something that looked even a fraction as professional. 
Now don't get me wrong I'm not useless with a camera but I'm not what I would call a professional and I'm still very much learning but I decided this year that one of my goals was to improve my blog photography and get it looking a little more chic. 

In order to do this I thought I could really use a better photography background and after a bit of hunting and a lot of stress I think I have found a great combination that doesn't cost the earth to get sorted. 

Yup, that says "Emily's fatabehobey Drawing Pad!" ... I was a strange child.

Marble Effect Sticky Back Plastic - Come on, how many people actually have a marble surface to take immaculate blog photos on? I'm willing to bet its very few and far between! I found this when I went on a little hunt on Amazon to see if any fake marble boards existed. Instead I found this and I'm thrilled. All I had to do was cover an old board with it and hey presto! One nice new surface to take blog photos on! You can find the Marble Effect Plastic here for only £4.89! 

Now if you're on a tight budget you could leave it there but I managed to find some bargain blog photo props that I wanted to include! 

Plantation - I love the way plants look in blog photos. I'm very big on my nature and so when I saw this little bamboo plant that my house-mate brought home I knew I needed to buy one for myself! This was only £2.75 from ASDA and came in the little pot! So cute! 

Place Mats - I thought I would buy a couple of place mats to add abit of texture to my photos so it didn't look too flat. The Black place mat was only £1 and the Gold was around £1.50 from what I can remember! Both from ASDA again. I'm really happy that I brought these as I think they are going to come in handy one way or another. 

That's all it took. In total it came to £10.14 which is hardly breaking the bank and I rather like the result! I'm not saying my photos are perfect, not by a long shot, however I do think they have improved and look slightly fresher than before. Although I really need to sort out my white balance as everything seems to look a bit on the creamy side- but that's a different post! 

Thanks for reading as always, and let me know what you've done to improve your Blog Photos!



  1. This is great! That's an amazing way to get a marble background, I need to get that :D

    - Anne | annesmiles

    1. I'm so glad you think so! I was so pleased with it myself! Thank you Anne :) xx

  2. This is brilliant, I have wanted a marble background for ages now and I just can't believe that this is all so cheap!

    1. Yes it's amazing isn't it!! I was shocked myself when I saw the plastic was only £4.89!! Such a bargain! xx

  3. This is such a good idea! I'm always struggling to get a nice background, and i'm definitely going to try this.

    1. I really recommend it. I feel like it's improved the quality of my photos tenfold! Thanks for reading! xx


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