Saturday, 16 January 2016

Haircare Routine: Ombre Hair

If you follow me on twitter and insta (both @Bambisblogs get following if you don't) you will already know that over Christmas I decided to chop of my almost waist length hair and get it Ombre. I've been wanting to Ombre my hair for years but I've never had the confidence to go and get it done. I used to take a lot of comfort in my extremely long hair as it allowed me to hide behind it and was sort of like my own personal shield. But after months of neck aches and headaches I decided that enough was enough and to the surprise of both my hairdresser and my mum, I chose to get it all chopped.  
I have never been happier. But with this new hair brings a new haircare routine. I've never had blonde hair before as I've always either dyed my hair red (I'm talking vibrant red... dear god what was I thinking) or really really dark. So having the ombre is really new and exciting for me, but also brings a whole new load of unforeseen issues. 

Brassiness - If you had asked me my opinion on this before Christmas I wouldn't have had the foggiest idea. But now it is something that I try to actively avoid. My Ombre is a light caramel tone as my hair is quite dark and the bleach wouldn't take it any lighter without ruining my hair. However towards the back and underneath there are pieces of hair that are very light. So to avoid the whole lot going a nice shade of ginger (and I know my hair will be inclined to after years of dying it red) I need to use something that cancels out the brassy tones. 
For this I have been using Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo - This is a violet toned shampoo that I use once a fortnight just on the Ombre hair. I won't use this often as I don't have full on blonde hair but I just use it fortnightly to keep any ginger at bay. This stuff is seriously scary to use if you have never encountered it before though. It honestly looks like your massaging ink into your hair (I was a little paranoid it would turn my hair purple ngl.) 

Dryness - My hair has always been on the oily side (along with my skin) and so I've never had to worry too much about conditioner. I could happily wash my hair without using it and it wouldn't make much difference. However, now I have bleached hair this has all changed. I notice that without conditioner the ends of my hair feel substantially dryer and will prone to frizzing much more than I've ever been used to. 
To tackle this I've been using John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Conditioner - I use this every time I was my hair in the hopes that not only will it slightly lighten my ombre but also that it will help to nourish my ends. Whilst I can't comment get on the Lightness I can say that the ends of my hair are feeling lovely and hydrated and there is no frizz in sight. 

Dealing with an Oily Scalp + Dry Ends - As I already mentioned my scalp is always oily. I have to wash my hair every other day in order to stop it looking like a massive ball of grease and its usually starting to look grim by the second day anyway. 
So to control this without damaging my ends I've been using The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo - This has been a long time favourite of mine and I'm loving it even more at the moment. It balances my oily roots without being too drying on my ends. It also doesn't react with my super sensitive scalp as it doesn't contain any Silicones, Sulphate, Colourants or Parabens. 

So that's my new haircare routine. 
If you've got any more recommendations for me then let me know! 


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