Sunday, 17 January 2016

Blogger Tips For 2016

I've accumulated some tips over my 2 and a half years of blogging, don't get me wrong I'm not perfect and I definitely need to start listening to my own advice here. So here are the tips that I'm going to following this year: 

Only write what you enjoy -  You would think this is rather common sense but it's really not. So many people write things because they think they will get good views out of it, rather than because they actually want to write it. Write what you love, your passion will shine through and make it more enjoyable to read anyway. 

Make sure you're writing in good English - This is a tad more personal to me as I'm an English Literature student, but all I'm saying is just at the very least spell check your posts. For me blog posts aren't just about pretty photos (Although that's obviously nice as well) but it's all about the well written witty posts that make me like the person writing it, after all that's why we have blogs isn't it? Without the writing it's just a glorified version of Instagram! 

Try to take sharp clear photos - This is one that I'm working on myself at the moment. Obviously the writing is first and foremost for me, but if you're explaining a lip product then I want to see swatches and the colour clearly so I know whether or not to buy it myself. 

Be nice - There is so much hate in the world and the blogging world is not completely excluded from this. Blogging can be quite a solitary path to go down as you are spending many hours on your own creating your content and the last thing you want is to feel like you're not good enough at something that you're devoting part of your life to. So if you see a blogger is having a bad day, or if they've done something great send them some love! Let them know you care! 

Drop the unnecessary pressure - This is something that I've learnt myself over the past couple of weeks. I've always felt pressure when blogging but never as much as I have since I've been daily blogging. I've learnt that who on earth cares if my post isn't up at 7am like I plan. I'm still creating new content, posting it everyday and I'm really happy with what I'm putting out there and that's all that really matters! 

What are your tips for 2016? 



  1. This has helped me out, Thankyou! I really need to drop the unnecessary pressure on myself as well as I always panic if I'm busy and can't always post! Defiantly taking these on board with your experience you've had and such an accomplishment of a blog you've got!

    Demi xxx

    1. I'm so glad this has helped! Awh that's lovely of you to say but honestly my blog isn't all that, I'm still working very hard to make it what I want it to be! Thank you so much for reading Demi :) xx


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