Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 New Years Resolutions + Daily Blogging

Happy New Year!
I hope you all had an amazing NYE and you're all feeling great about what 2016 has to come! 
Here are a few things that will be happening for me in 2016:
  • Writing my Dissertation.
  • Finishing University.
  • Getting a job.
  • Learning to drive.
  • Daily Blogging.
  • Moving out with Dan & getting a French Bulldog.
  • Possibly Daily Vlogging beginning in November? (depending on time and if you're interested!)
As you can see I gotta lot to be excited about in 2016 and I really cannot wait. I feel like this is going to be the year where my life begins! 
I don't want to set myself generalised resolutions this year as I never stick to them. I think every year I say "To lose weight" "To exercise more" "To eat healthy" and I never stick to them because I'm shit at it. Like properly shit at trying to be healthy. So this year I'm avoiding stuff that I know I'm not going to stick to. Instead here are some more unrealistic expectations I'm putting on myself... lets see how it goes. 
  1. Daily Blogging - I really want to grow my blog and put some more energy into it. I absolutely love writing and I want to utilise my little space of the internet and make it the best it can be. To do this I am going to challenge myself to daily blogging! I can't guarantee it will be for the whole year but I'd like to at least post every day in January to begin with!
  2. Stop the Scales - I am usually obsessed with the scales. At one point I would weigh myself every day to see if I had lost or gained a lb and if I had I would punish or reward myself accordingly and it's just counter productive and ridiculous. I'm going to be writing about this decision later this month so keep an eye out for that. 
  3. Be Kinder - This doesn't mean that I'm usually a bitch, but I want to actively make the effort to be kinder to people. I can be a bit of a grump and I'm trying to get out of that habit. 
  4. Don't allow my anxiety to take over - I have managed to conquer my anxiety in the past 6 months and I'm so proud of myself. But that being said I am not "cured" of it. In my opinion you can never be cured of a mental health condition but you can learn how to cope with it excellently so that it no longer becomes a daily problem. Sometimes I will not do things because I fear that my anxiety will flare up and this year I want to push myself to do those things. 
  5. Blogger Events & Meet Ups - I've been invited to quite a few in the past year and I've consistently turned them down because of my anxiety about meeting new people. I am going to be forcing myself into going this year because I would love to get to know the blogging community more and make some friends as they're a lovely bunch. 
  6. Prioritise Uni - Often I get lazy and start to put Uni work on the back burner. I can't do that this year as I have so much to do in the 5 months I have left! I need to have a kick up the arse and get moving with it.
That's all for my New Years Resolutions. I hope you've enjoyed it and don't forget to come back tomorrow for a Christmas Book Haul! 



  1. Good luck with your daily blogging! I'm sure you will be able to do it if you put your mind to it!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. These are such great resolutions! I especially like number 3 and it should really be a resolution of mine as well! Spreading kindness is such an important thing in this crazy world :)

    Wishing you a great year of 2016!

    1. Thank you Lovely! I think so too! The world needs more kindness! Thank you for reading Saara :) xx

  3. I love these goals! I am attempting daily blogging this year too over on

    1. Woo good luck! I will check out your blog now! :) Thanks for reading :) xx

  4. These are some great, genuine resolutions. Absolute best of luck for number 4 in particular!

    Tore | xo


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