Tuesday, 12 January 2016

15 Things They Don't Tell You About Uni

Oh I love a good list. 

15 Things They Don't Tell You About Uni 
  1. You will spend all of freshers wanting to be anywhere but halls. You want to be home, round your friends flat (because it's somehow better than yours), or even just moved out into rented accommodation - because you and your besties are going to make a house all chic and girly and there will never be any mess and you will get along so well....... *eye roll*
  2. Once you've left halls you will soon realise the above is a ridiculous fantasy and you will do anything for the easy day's back at halls where you could outright bitch about mess. Overflowing bins and unwashed plates are still a problem but now you have to navigate the tender areas of friendship in order to get shit done. Passive aggressive note anyone? 
  3. Third years hate everyone. Oh you're a second year and you're complaining because of your "super hard work load" ... that's cute. 
  4. Not having a tumble dryer is potentially one of the most disheartening experiences of your life. Oh you want to wear that next Friday? Best get washing now then if you have any hope of that drying in this freezing hell pit. 
  5. All of your "besties" you make in first year become figments of your imagination by third, apart from the few lurkers that for some reason enjoy your cranky pre-coffee moans at 9am. 
  6. That letting agent might seem really "cool and down to earth" when you go for your viewing but don't be fooled. They are all universally dire when it comes to student lets. Want your windows cleaned because they are tinting the outside world an odd shade of murky brown... nope you've got to wait 2 years for that slice of sunshine (conveniently before you move out!) 
  7. At some point the Library will become your soul mate. You start to thank it for the simple things like being open 24hrs and having a functioning coffee machine (even if that coffee does resemble dirty dishwater and taste slightly worse than sewage... caffeine is caffeine though right?)
  8. In first year you think all your lecturers are massive dicks but by third year you are starting to doubt if you can actually live a normal life without their weekly bursts of wisdom. 
  9. There is never an unacceptable time to order Dominos. 9am? Go for it, you deserve it.
  10. If you are a rugby player please assume that everyone will think you're a massive arse. It might not always be true but it's unavoidable. 
  11. At some point you will find yourself with a random man in your house. Don't mind him it's just the handyman that's unexpectedly turned up without any prior warning... it's not like the tenancy clearly states that you're meant to have 24 hrs notice or anything... Oh wait?! 
  12. At some point you will be stuck with an idiot neighbour that thinks it's fine to host loud parties on a Sunday at 4am. If you're one of those people..... IT'S NOT.
  13. You will find one person that you've never spoken to but inexplicably hate. Like fully loathe for absolutely no reason. Sorry!
  14. You will spend about 70% of your time trying to explain where you live. No one will have heard of it and so you opt for the safest route which just happens to be super vague... "Urrrm it's sort of in-between Essex and Suffolk, you wouldn't have heard of it!" 
  15. It goes so quickly and before you know it you're on your own. 

I've had such a love/hate experience at Uni and I think this nicely reflects that! 
Personally, I'm so excited to leave Uni now. I want to get on with my life and I feel like this last stint is dragging! 
Only 4 months, Only 4 months, Only 4 months. 

How has you're experience at Uni been? Let me know in the comments below!!
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  1. This was such a good post. I used to hate having to try and get my sheets dry without and tumble dryer and a serious lack of heating! I also made so many acquaintances in first year who soon were nothing by third year. I do miss university so much having had the best final year with girls who were all like-minded. Enjoy your last 4 months and make the most of it :) xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

    1. Thank you so much! :) Drying washing is a nightmare. Thank you! xx

  2. I know my friend will love this post, he's in Kingston in London and is really loving it but says some of his tutors do his head in haha x


    1. Haha awesome! I think everyone hates their lecturers to begin with haha! Thanks for reading! xx

  3. Haha, yep. Also the third years having distain for second years is also true of forth years for third years and so on. Post grads just give up and hate everybody to make it simpler.

    1. Hahaha yes! My Boyfriend is Post Grad and I know he gets frustrated with Undergrads! Thanks for reading! xx

  4. Haha I love this post! So many relating points thought it was just me with the cold rooms and letting agents and landlords that do nothing! I can't wait to leave either! Georgina from www.georginaamariee.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  5. I lived at home so I can't related to some of these and I actually love my third year mainly as we didn't have exams or presentations x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  6. I can't wait to go to uni but I can imagine it gets a bit tedious at the end! Good luck with your last four months.

    Emily - www.positivelystupendous.co.uk


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