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What's In My Lush Basket Summer Edition

I don't know about you but as much as I adore Lush, I'm never that interested in Lush Hauls. I mean yeah you get to see the product and know it smells good but you don't find out much else and to be honest I could go on to the lush website and find out more information! I decided that I would share with you what's in my lush basket.. the perfectly formed ones and the ones that are merely chunks of indecipherable colour just waiting to be used up, and share not only what it is and the colour, but also the way it works, the amount of uses you can expect to get out of the one product and what mixes make a great lush cocktail!

Twilight Bath Bomb - £3.35
A relaxing bath bomb that is scented with Lavender Oil, Tonka, Ylang Ylang Oil and Benzoin Resinoid. As you can see this has a blue core and a pink outer shell and it creates a pastel purple bath when used on its own. I will normally get about 4 uses out of a bath bomb this size as I cut it into quarters. This makes a brilliant pairing with Mother Superior (a Sakura scented bath bomb which was limited edition and sadly no longer available) and The Comforter.  

Secret Garden Bath Bomb -£?
Sadly this is again a limited edition that came out around Easter time. I don't have any information on the scent but it's a floral bomb as the name would suggest and it creates a green bath - this wasn't my favourite purchase as you may tell by how little I've used. I bath bomb of this size I will usually cut into thirds. I wouldn't recommend mixing any bath bombs, melts or bubble bars that are green. I just find that they usually turn the water a murky brown colour. 

Mother Superior Bubble Bar - £?
Sadly I don't have the price of this but you can assume it was around £4ish, this is again a limited edition that if memory serves me was released for Easter. It has the same scent as Sakura which includes notes of Orange Flower, Mimosa, Jasmine and Lemon oil. It creates a blue bath that is easy to mix with pretty much anything. I found this a great bubble bar to either mix or to use on it's own and I managed to get about 6 baths out of it. I really hope this is brought back next year as I really recommend it. 

Think Pink Bath Bomb - £2.65
This pink ball of deliciousness is a new favourite of mine, not only is it one of the cheaper bath bomb but it also creates a vibrant pink bath, with rice paper hearts and a super sweet smell. The scent is Tonka, Vanilla, Neroli Oil and Jasmine Oil. I will probably get 2-3 uses out of this depending if I feel like mixing it or using it on it's own, If I am likely to mix it, its likely to be with The Comforter in order to create bubbles and keep the bright pink colour to the water.

Cinders Bath Bomb -£?
This is again a special edition that is usually released around Christmas, I might be jinxing it but I'm pretty sure that it will be released again this year as it's been around the last couple of years and I'm sure it's popular. This is a gold coloured bath bomb with little pieces of popping candy that fizz in the water. It has a warm cinnamon scent that I personally love. This is one that I usually won't mix as I prefer it on it's own due to the strength of the cinnamon smell and the fact most of my others are either floral or sweet. I normally divide this into two halves. 

Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb - £3.95
This is a new addition to lush and I am loving it. The outer shell is Orange and the inside is Blue and Purple creating a pretty contrast when it's in the water dissolving especially with the addition of gold glitter but sadly when it's all dissolved I find my bath looking abit brown which is not ideal. The main notes are Sandlewood Oil, Olibanum Oil, Cassie Absolute (a spicy floral scent) and Ho Wood Oil. I would probably use this alone as it is again a very spicy warm scent that don't think is mixed well. Because I won't mix this I will get 2 uses out of this.

Sunnyside Bubble Bar - £4.65
This is an old favourite that I keep repurchasing and recently they have changed the formula and the shape. I was told in store that it's now fresher and fruitier, whilst the size is dramatically bigger meaning you can get more uses out of it. The notes are Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Tangerine Oil and Lemon Oil. It's a golden colour and is covered in golden glitter (which although pretty is impractical but does make a nice bath.) This is one that I do like to mix with pretty much anything as the fruity citrus scent compliments many of the bath bombs and the yellow colour tends to compliment any blues or pinks.

The Comforter Bubble Bar - £4.75 
For some reason I forgot to photograph this individually but you can see how much I have left in the top photo. I wasn't sure if I would like this when I saw it in store as usually I'm not a fan of blackcurrant scents however, I was brought this as a gift for my birthday and after trying it out I love it. It's a lovely scent when diluted in water and leaves the bath a rich pinky colour. The top notes are Cassis Absolute, Bergamot Oil and Cypress Oil which gives the fruity scent. It bubbles up beautifully and is one to mix with others, again as it's a fruity scent it mixes well with many other bath bombs, I will likely get around 6 uses out of one bar so although it is a pricey bar, it actually only works out to roughly 80p a bath which is a bargain if you ask me!

That's it for my Lush basket, I thought I would do these seasonally as my basket does vary somewhat between seasons and usually lush will realise seasonally appropriate products throughout the year as limited editions. 

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