Sunday, 25 October 2015

University- Blogging At University: The Reality.

Blogging is something that many people (like myself) start in their college years and if they progress onto Uni is always something that they want to continue. I've been writing this blog throughout my University life and now as I'm fast approaching the end of my degree I thought I would share what its really like to run and blog and manage your university life. 

  • Something's gotta give - I definitely underestimated the amount I would have to do when I started Uni. I had accounted for the time I was actually at University in lectures but I had assumed that in my free time I could do loads of blogging.... WRONG. I struggled so much in that first year to post anything and I think it's a miracle I posted as much as I did. Not only do you have to deal with time at Uni but you also have to deal with Cooking/Cleaning/Washing Clothes/ Socialising/ Food Shopping/ Bonding with Flatmates and actually getting some sleep! Also remember that when you're just starting Uni you have a rush of emotions from being away from home, meeting tonnes of new people and starting a really intensive degree course that you can never be fully prepared for! Don't feel bad if you're blogging slips at this time as it's unavoidable if you ask me!
  • Scheduling is your best friend - Some people bitch and moan about scheduling saying that "it's not authentic or 'in the moment'" but these people can bore off. Scheduling has been a life saver since I've been at Uni and I can guarantee that ALL of my posts that you read during my term time have been scheduled and planned. Don't see this as a bad thing however, I spend a lot of time planning and writing my posts when I actually HAVE time. I will often write my posts up for the week on a Sunday and I will do the photography in batches whenever I have a spare couple of hours and good lighting. Surely this is miles better than a rushed post with little information and crappy iPhone photos? 
  • Make time for blogging - As important as your other aspects of Uni life are, you still need to make time for things you enjoy and running a blog is also super valuable for your CV in the future. I schedule all my spare time and make sure that I allow a good 10 hours a week for blog writing - usually this is allotted to Sunday which is my "me" day where I binge watch crap tele, do face masks and have Lush Baths as well as writing my blog. 
  • Create a "Post Spreadsheet" - Alongside scheduling in general, I like to create an Excel Spreadsheet which tells me what posts I'm planning for what days, whether they've been written or had photos taken yet, if I need to promote on instagram and if they contain PR samples.
  • Blog when you feel like it - Do not blog if you feel like you HAVE to do it. Your writing will reflect your mood and it will just create a post that isn't that great to read. If you feel like blogging and have an hour free - just do it! 

That's it for my blogging tips!
I hope these have been useful. If you're blogging at Uni or plan to do so let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below! 



  1. Totally agree with you! I see nothing wrong with scheduled posts either! I'm in my first year at Uni and I am finding it stressful to manage my blog alongside university work, then all other aspects of lie on top of it! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Scheduling is definitely the key! I understand it's so difficult in that first year to get used to juggling everything but it's doable! Keep up the hard work and you will get there! xxx


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