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Book Review: A Court Of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass

This is my first book review on this blog and I don't know whether to be excited or nervous? I don't often read book reviews myself so the main worry is that you lovely lot will find this mind numbingly boring and not read, please bare with me if you don't enjoy these posts as there are lots of beauty based posts to enjoy but if you like this type of post please let me know and I will do some more! 

If you haven't already guessed by my short lived venture into BookTube (I learnt that I hate editing videos and should perhaps stick to writing!), or my instagram feed full of books, or the latest posts about book hauling and my summer reads ... I kinda like to read. Okay, maybe more than kinda. I sort of unashamedly love it. I know it's not exactly a cool thing to admit to loving, I'm sure confessing my love of PLL and boozy nights in would make a much more "normal" image but as much as I love PLL and having one too many poorly made "cocktails" they still can't compare to my avid love of literature.

Right I'm blabbing now and if you're still reading you want to know what I thought of this book so enough of the prologue and into the review. 

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Mass
Initial Opinion: "OMG. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! Genuinely couldn't put it down. The story is rich, the characters are rewarding. It's just fantastic!" 

Considered Opinion: In hindsight I completely agree with my initial opinion, I still love this book. I often think back to remember scenes and have an urge to re-read them. This was my first Mass book so I was coming into this completely unaware of her eloquent use of the English Language. This girl knows how to write. Her scenes are vivid and full of beautiful description without being so flowery that it makes you want to gag (I'm looking at you "Shatter Me"). I appreciated the twist at the ending and I do love a good cliff hanger which I feel that Mass has done quite successfully. I believe this is to be a series (or at the very least a trilogy) and I am certainly eager to see what the next book has in store for Feyre and Tamlin. Feyre is the kickass Heroine of the story and is unlike many others floating about YA right now, not a whiney self-indulgent protagonist. She cares for her family but does not idealise them and equally is able to see the flaws in Tamlin's character (despite the obvious 'love' plot that is growing). I enjoyed the back story to the book and find the idea of Faeries and humans having co-existed at some point until they start to feud a fascinating idea. 

Etymology: An interesting (yet mostly useless) fact - Feyre (or Fayre) is Old English for "Light Haired" but more importantly than that the name also has connotations for Fairies... perhaps Mass is giving us a little hint there through word play as to our Heroines fate...

Genre: I do tend to find this sitting in the Young Adult section of Bookstores however, I am not sure if I would entirely agree with its placement. The book does have some rather... 'steamy' scenes which I feel make the book more suitable for a New Adult reader. That being said, I think in this world of overexposed teens the content of the book would hardly be shocking to a Young Adult reader. But just bare in mind the fact this book is verging on New Adult when you come to consider buying it (particularly if you plan to buy it as a gift to a 13-14 year old and don't want to purposely expose them to the sexier writing.)

Rating: It will be no surprise to you that I rated this book 5* on Goodreads and the overall rating is currently sitting at a healthy 4.30* this is a very popular book at the moment and I really felt that it did live up to the hype. 

Well that's the end of this book review! I hope you enjoyed my bumbling nonsense and that it made some sort of coherent argument. Please share your thoughts and any questions in the comments below! 


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