Monday, 19 October 2015

A Uni Students Room Tour

I thought as it's my third and final year of Uni, I would share what my room actually looks like.
I think it's important for two reasons, firstly to document my room so that once I've finished Uni and moved back to Essex I can look back and reminisce about living in this amazing house. But secondly because I think too many students are fobbed off with crappy accommodation and told that student houses are all the same (grim, dingy and blue or green carpets).

When we looked for a house we were told that we had "too higher expectations" because we wanted a bath and no blue or green carpet. Which quite frankly I think is ridiculous. With student rent being super expensive (we pay £400 a month each, which for four girls is £1600 in total a month) surely you would expect that at least the house would be nicely decorated. Now I'm not expecting lavish, but plain walls and neutral carpet is surely a very simple and cost effective way of making a property nice to live in and easy to upkeep. We managed to find a house that suited us perfectly and we even have a few rooms with feature fireplaces in. We have 2 bathrooms, 4 generous sized bedrooms, a lounge that comfortably sits 5-6 and a decent sized kitchen. If you're a student and you're looking for accommodation. DON'T listen to the letting agents - they don't care where you live they just want your money! Do your own research and view properties from a variety of agents in your city/area. Make sure that you're happy living there as a happy living environment is so important to your general well being at uni! Anyway rant over! Above is a picture of my desk, it's messy yes but this is how it looks on a day to day basis you won't get any frills here!

/\ Above is my chest of drawers, I like to keep my jewellery and perfume here and also display my nail polishes - often I have more out than this but I'm trying to hone down my nail polish collection!

Here is my mirror and door with everything chucked on it. The mirror is a new addition to my room it was £29.99 from the range and I love it so much. I use a Primark accessories hanger on my door to hang my scarfs and bags on - I think it was around £2.50.

My bed and chest of drawers, I had all my work for that day laid out on my bed at the time of taking photos - I was going to move it all but I thought that this is a huge part of my life as a student and there's no point hiding it away and pretending that I live in a showroom as trust me, I don't.

Here's an area that I'm the most proud of. It's my book wall. Sadly I have a lack of bookcase here and so I had to make the most of the space that I have. I've decorated with some Primark fairy lights that I got last year and it looks so nice at night!

Another new addition this year is my star fairy lights that run across my headboard. I love these things. Again they are from Primark and they are all attached with copper wire which not only makes them look lovely but also means they are super light and easy to put on anything. They cost me £2.50 and I am in love with them. 

Finally onto my bed side cabinet. I try to keep this as clutter free as possible as it stresses me out so I like to just keep a couple of candles, (large one is a gift from my housemate and the smaller is a yankee sampler put in an emptied jar) my kindle and my book journal. 

That's it for today's post! I hope you've found it interesting and I think it does show that it is possible to have a uni room that looks and feels homely! I actually prefer my room at uni to my room at home and I will be very sad to leave this house in May. 


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