Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Review: TIGI Bed Head Blow-Out Cream and Flexi Head Hairspray*

Recently I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review two TIGI Bed Head products. I've used the shampoo's and conditioners before and have always been fairly happy with them so I was interested to see how these products worked. I was sent the Blow-Out Cream* and the Flexi Head Hairspray* and got to put them to the test for the past month. 

The blow out cream has a slight gold shimmer to it that creates a lovely shiny finish on the hair without making it look greasy and I've really been enjoying using this product. You can apply it to damp or dry hair to give a lovely finish and I've tried it both ways. I personally prefer to use it on dry hair through the ends just before I style it, although be careful not to use too much other wise it can look a tad greasy. 

In order to test out the hairspray I thought I would put it up to the ultimate test... curled hair. My hair is a sod to curl and to hold a curl which is a nightmare so whenever I'm testing out a hairspray this is my test to see just how good the hold is. 

To curl my hair I did what I would normally do. First of all I applied a small amount of the Blow-Out cream to the ends of my hair for some shine, I then sprayed my hair with a texturising spray as this tends to give a little bit more grip to my hair and helps to create curls. I then curl my hair using my straighteners, and after I've curled each segment I spray it with hairspray. Once I've done my whole head I then spray more hairspray and hope to god the curls hold!

<< As you can see my hair is looking pretty glossy and is very much curled.

>> This is about 4 hours later, after going for lunch and some shopping. As you can see the majority of the curls are now gone leaving only loose waves in their path. My hair is still looking glossy but it has lost the majority of the curls. This is quite disappointing as it wasn't even a windy day and I'm sure had I used a different hairspray then I would still have considerably more curls! 
The hairspray is marketed as a "strong flexible hold" so really it should have performed better.
Another issue I had with the hairspray is that it left pieces of my hair feeling crispy and I'm not sure the spray distributed as evenly as I would have liked. 

Overall I loved the Blow-Out Cream it really does what it says on the tin and a little goes a long way meaning that it will probably last a long time. However I was really disappointed with the hairspray, it really isn't anything special but it's just an average hairspray, I can't really recommend it as I feel there are better on the market for the same price but if you want to try it out for yourself I will leave the links below to both products. 

TIGI Bed Head Cult Creations Blow Out Cream 100ml £16.95 -link
TIGI Bed Head Cult Creations Flexi Head Hairspray 385ml £13.95 - link

That's it for today's post! I hope you enjoyed it, please leave your thoughts in the comments below!! 


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