Sunday, 27 September 2015

Review: Revlon Waterproof Lash Potion Mascara

Today I thought I would share with you a product review I've been meaning to write for awhile now. That is Revlon's Waterproof Lash Potion Mascara which retails at £9.99. I brought this mascara mainly for my holiday in July as I wanted a Mascara to wear when I was by the pool (I really hate being in public without any mascara on, it's just weird to me!). I don't usually like waterproof formulas but I had it recommended by a friend and as I needed a waterproof mascara I thought this is as good as any. 

Sadly I was really underwhelmed by this mascara, to show what I was talking about I decided to do a comparison with my usual mascara which isn't waterproof.  

<< As you can see from the picture, this mascara just seemed to weigh my lashes down, and it made them clump together and look abit spider like. I was really unimpressed with this mascara. I think most of the issue is the brush, its too thick and chunky to distribute the product correctly in my opinion. I do tend to prefer a plastic brush. One thing that is good though is the mascara is 100% waterproof. It was difficult to get off with micellar water and I had to revert to my TBS cleansing oil to really get this off my lashes.

>> As you can see in comparison the Benefit They're Real mascara does a much better job, my lashes are long, lifted and voluminous. But sadly of course it's not waterproof. I only really compared the two mascaras just to show what effect I expect from a mascara, obviously they are for two different purposes, from two different brands and so the formula is going to be dramatically different. But I thought I should give a comparison to highlight the way the Revlon Mascara applied in comparison to how my lashes would normally look.

I don't like to write negative reviews but I also feel that sometimes if you use a product that you really don't like that it's good to share those opinions and warn other people in case they waste money on the product and have the same experience. 

I hope you've enjoyed today's post regardless of the negativity. Remember to share your thoughts below in the comments! 


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