Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Favourite Blushes of 2015

I hope you're ready for a behemoth of a post today because that is what you are getting! So sit back, get a cup of coffee and read on! 

Blushers are something that I always tend to look past when I think of writing posts, not because I don't use them (in fact I probably use blusher more than most of my other products) but I think it's a product that can be neglected quite easily. So I thought I would share my Top 3 Blushes of 2015 and shed a little light on my routines with blushers. 

First of all I have the Sleek Blush in shade Rose Gold, (Please excuse my dire skin in this photo and the following to come!) This is a pink blush with a gold shimmer in it, I usually like to wear this blush in the autumn or spring. I have no particular reason mind you it just seems to be a recurring theme! I do prefer pink hues in the colder weather as they are easier to wear with a dark lip. 
Sleek Blushes are incredibly pigmented and you only need a little bit to create a bright cheek. 

Next up is Rimmel London's Stay Blushed in shade 001 Pop of Pink, this is a cream blush formula so is much subtler on the skin, however this is not one I would wear when I'm experiencing break-outs (like I am at the moment!) as it tends to highlight these. I normally like to wear this in the winter as it adds extra moisture to my skin on the cold dry days and doesn't have any shimmer to it so it looks particularly pretty on pale skin.

Last but not least is my current favourite of the three, Soap & Glory Peach Party. This is a gorgeous peach toned blush with also has bronze shades and highlight, I tend to just mix these all together to create a shimmery peach blush, but you could easily pick out the bronze or highlight and use it individually it is super pigmented so a little goes a long way and this is my go-to blush for summer time as it looks amazing with a tan! 

So that's all three blushers! These are what I'm currently reaching for but all may change next year who knows! 

I hope you enjoyed today's post! Apologies for the poor skin! It was not helped by the foundation I used which made my skin cakey and grim, also box lighting is not the most flattering light!



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    1. I never used to be either but I've been embracing them in the past few years! Thanks for reading! :) xx


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