Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Nokia Lumia 1520: A Review

Are you tired of taking crappy instagram pictures? Feeling that you may need to get a better phone? Well this may well be your post!
 Last month I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to trial the new Nokia Lumia 1520 for a fortnight! This was such an exciting opportunity that I just couldn't miss it! The Nokia Lumia is a Windows phone, this means it runs on the Windows 8 Operating System. I'm an iphone 4 girl so getting used to the Windows OS was a challenge to start with (especially as my laptop only runs Windows 7!). However once you get used to it, the system is actually pretty cool and makes a
refreshing change to the monotony of the Apple OS.

The Lumia 1520 boasts an impressive 6" screen with 1080p full HD display, making the screen easy to use and full of colour! Something I really loved was the front camera. I find on my (very old) iphone the front camera is pretty sub-par. On the Nokia Lumia it is really really good. Many selfies were taken in the 2 short weeks! 

Not only is the front camera good but the primary camera on the back is amazing! Boasting an awesome 20 mega-pixels this is the phone for any budding photographer! The Lumia also has some interesting features to design and edit your photos that are worth checking out! This camera was definately good enough to take blog photos with and I can imagine it being a fantastic tool for any budding blogger.

However, as much as I liked this phone there were a few things that irked me. Firstly, the Windows OS, whilst it was fun to play around with for a fortnight, I wouldn't replace my monotonous Apple OS for it. I just found it a little bit confusing at times and struggled with the customisation aspect of it. I'm sure if I had it for longer I would have figured it out but it just wasn't as "idiot proof" as I think it should be! Second, the price! I could be madly in love with a phone but I would never pay over £500 for it up front or £33 a month (hence why I'm still sporting my iphone 4!). Lastly, I am a clutz and carrying around a phone that big all day is just asking for me to break it. I'm sorry but I'm just not a fan of big phones but that is a personal thing and I'm sure some people will love it for its size!

Overall, if your looking for a tablet/phone, that is abit different from the norm and allows you to create some amazing photos then this is your guy, however if your easily confused and don't like bigger phones then perhaps it's worth looking elsewhere!

A big thank-you to the people at Microsoft who gave me the opportunity to trial the phone it was great fun! 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know it is different from the norm but I felt that I couldn't pass up such a cool opportunity especially when it may help you out when you come round to finding a new phone!


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