Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Summer Revisited!

The new term is upon us and I will be returning to University later this month to start my second year as a Single Hons English Literature Student. So, I thought it was the perfect moment to share my the highlights of my summer before the next academic year starts and normality resumes. 

Over summer I've been trying to continue my pilates, but to little success. This is something I will try to start up again when I'm back at uni!

On June 28th it was my 20th Birthday I was spoilt rotten by family and friends and felt very lucky. 

In July my Chummy Roisin came to visit me for 6 days! We had such a lovely week with a visit to Colchester Zoo, a BBQ, a trip to the cinema and a lovely meal out amongst other things!

I was also lucky enough to go and see Theatre in the Forest's adaptation of The comedy of errors, with my parents and our family friends. It was hilarious and set at the beautiful Jimmy's Farm.

Over summer Dan has been on holiday as well so we've had a chance to really chill out and have some lovely days out. (Usually involving a Chinese meal at some point!) We only see each other once every 3 weeks in term time so we both really appreciated the long summer!

I also had a chance to see my best friends over the holiday. Georgina (brown hair) is a trainee nurse in Hastings and is always busy! I rarely get to see her nowadays but when we do catch up its like we've never been apart! Meghan (Blonde hair) stills lives in the local area and so whenever I come home I make it a priority to try and see her as much as possible! These 2 have been my best friends for 8 years and we will always be there for one another no matter what circumstances or changes in our own lives! 

As you can see I've had a pretty lovely summer and I wanted to share it with you. 
I hope you guys have all had a great summer! 
Let me know your favourite moment of summer in the comments below!



  1. that's sounds like an amazing holiday I went to north wales on holiday with my family for a week it was the best week ever. I would love if you checkout my blog Im new to this and would love if you would help me improve my blog thanks x

    1. I'm glad you had a great week on holiday! Thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to tweet me @bambisblogs :) xx


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