Friday, 26 September 2014

Fitness Friday #1

Ever since I turned 18, I've had issues managing my weight! My love of food and hatred of any form of exercise has meant that over the years I have piled on the pounds. Now I'm at Uni this is accelerated by easy access to tasty but not so nutritious foods and stress from assignments. However, this year I am making it my mission... not to get skinny... but to get healthy! 

I am (what I think) is a relatively normal size. My dress size is between a 12-14. I have small hang-ups like my arms but nothing that is worth fixating over. Overall I'm actually pretty happy with my size and I feel comfortable. What I'm not happy with is my lack of fitness. I get out of breath on short walks and that needs to change! 

To keep things plain and simple I have decided to share all my measurements including my weight. I know this is a controversial thing to do, but I want to get across that weight and size really shouldn't determine your happiness or lifestyle and honestly... It's not a big deal. 

Weight: 12st 2lbs or 170.8 lbs 
Waist: 33.5 inch
Hips: 39. 5 inch
Thighs: 25 inch
Arms: 12.5 inch

I will check back with you guys every month and update you on my fitness journey!
To get fit I have found something that I really enjoy doing called Blogilates! Blogilates is run by Cassey Ho who produces fantastic pilates videos on YouTube and even makes fitness calenders so you can have a routine to work out to! What's even better is that all you need is the Internet and a yoga mat to do it! I started doing this last year at Uni and saw an improvement so quickly but I stopped over summer and I got lazy and unmotivated. 
However, here I am! Motivated and ready to go! 

Lets see how this month goes!  


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