Friday, 29 August 2014

Read of the Month

This month I've been loving The Maze Runner By James Dashner. 

The Maze Runner is about a boy named Thomas who finds himself stuck in confusing place called the 'glade' surrounded by moving walls of the maze and the impending threat of the mysterious 'grievers'. He has no memory of how he got there or why he is there, all he remembers is his name. However he is not alone, as when he arrived in the glade he is greeted by dozens of other boys all in the same deadly situation, desperate to find an answer to the maze.

If you enjoy post-apocalyptic style novels similar to 'The Hunger Games' and 'Divergent' then you will love this book! I read it in a matter of days and struggled to put it down!

Definitely worth a read!


  1. oh my gosh this book was AMAZING!! :) I just read Divergent this past weekend... I'm IN LOVE!! I'm posting my review tomorrow of the book and the movie :)

    Arianne |


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