Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Skincare Essentials

Finally the summer sun has arrived, bringing with it heat and a whole new array of skincare concerns! 
So here are my top products for staying in control of that skin whilst the weather is warmer! 

1. WATER, WATER AND MORE WATER. I cannot stress enough how important water is to your skin. Remember that your skin is an organ and just like other organs in your body it will require water to function properly. A lack of water can cause dry, tight, flaky skin that is prone to wrinkling!  This is something that I'm trying to improve as I've been known to ditch the water in favour for a cold Coke. But not any more! Coke is out and the water is back in and I'm especially loving drinking out of my detox water bottle from Blogilates as it holds so much and I can carry it around with me wherever I go!

2. SPF!! Another vitally important addition to any girls summer skincare is a good SPF. I'm currently using La Roche-Posay 50+SPF Melt-in cream. I really like this but it is a love/hate product as the formula is quite thick and takes abit of massaging in before you look like a normal coloured human again. But for me the fact its fairly thick gives me some mental reassurance that its actually protecting my skin. Another important step for SPF that is so easily forgotten is a lip SPF. Mine is from Garnier and costs only a couple of £'s and it makes sure that those lips don't get burnt or dried out... remember that your lips are skin as well and need just as much protection!!

3. Facial Mist. On a hot sticky day there is nothing better than a refreshing facial mist. There are loads of these about for all different price ranges. I personally really love the Anatomicals spray misty for me, mainly for its light lavender smell that is instantly relaxing and refreshing. (TIP: keep these in the fridge and they are amazing!) 

4. Fake it. Don't destroy your skin with sunbeds or hours out in the full sun. There are so many products available to give the look of a natural sunkissed glow that it really makes no sense to do otherwise. My favourites this summer are the Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser & Body Lotion* to give a natural buildable tan (100% sunburn free). 

5.Moisturise. This time of year it can be easy to think that because your skin is perhaps more oily you don't need to moisturise. But this isn't the case. Moisturise your skin all year round to keep it balanced and free from dry patches! I'm currently loving Superdrug's Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mask to get some moisture into my skin. 

That's it for my Summer Essentials! Let me know what you've been loving this summer!


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