Friday, 7 March 2014

The Eyeliner Comparison

Firstly apologies for the lack of a Monday post! I was swamped under a mountain of Uni work and decided to do a detox (It lasted less that 24 hours as I couldn't function!) 

I am a huge Eyeliner fan. I wear Eyeliner on my upper lash line every single day without fail. 
But I have really come across some crappy liquid liners in my time, so I thought that it would be a good idea to test out and review the eyeliners that are currently in my drawer. 

Application - This is a really easy eyeliner especially for beginners! The length of the nib and the flexibility means it is easy to create a smooth straight line without any major difficulties! The formulation isn't too wet meaning its not going to be a mess to apply and doesn't need much drying time! 
Longevity - Not a terrible longevity but not the best out of the five. Lasts roughly 4-5 hours before you need a top up and is completely smudged out and non existent by the end of 8-9 hours wear. 
Blackness - 7/10 fades considerable by the end of the day. 
Price - Reasonable at £6.99 definately worth the money if your new to eyeliner or have a shaky hand! 

Application - Again application is easy due to the chubby nib, but it is not as easy as the previous L'Oreal liner. It does create a lovely thick line and is easy to create a cat flick with. 
Longevity - This has the worst wear out of the five. After 4 hours the eyeliner had completely smudged out and there was no real sign of having worn eyeliner other than the grey panda eyes that it had left behind.
Blackness - 6/10 applies fairly black but lasts for no time at all. 
Price - You can get better for cheaper, I wouldn't recommend. 

Application - Due to the chubby nib the application is easy enough however the formula is quite wet so it doesn't give much margin for error especially if you have a shaky hand.. (keep cotton buds by your side!) Very easy to create cat flicks and thick lines. 
Longevity - Very similar to the previous L'Oreal eyeliner (no surprise there then!).
Blackness - 9/10 This is pretty black, only downfall is that it does start to fade towards the end of the day but the line does stay visible. 
Price - Worth the money. 

Application - Application is very easy, although the nib is quite firm and doesn't offer much flexibility. Does create a nice smooth line. 
Longevity - Lasts fairly well, 6-7 hours before it starts to smudge and turn into a grey mess. 
Blackness - 2/10, this is the main let down for this eyeliner. It really isn't very black and for me that's the downfall. This applies a dark grey more than a true deep black. If you want a more subtle eyeliner then this is for you. 
Price - Personally I think you can do much better for much less! 

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner £6
Application -  This is a perfect combination of the long nib you get with the L'Oreal Perfect Slim and the medium nib from Eyeko, it offers a perfect shape and flexibility. Very easy to create cat flicks, thick and thin lines. 
Longevity - Best longevity of the five. It stays consistent for up to 9 hours. It is however in no way at all waterproof! (Learnt that the hard way getting my eyebrows threaded, by the end my eyes had watered so much that all my eyeliner and mascara was running down my face! Not a good look!) 
Blackness -  a good 8/10 not as black as the Blackbuster but it does stay consistent throughout the day.
Price - Amazing value for money, the cheapest of the five but in my opinion the best! 

What's your favorite Eyeliner? Let me know! 


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