Friday, 17 January 2014

NOTW | Essie Chinchilly

This week, I've been favouring Essie Chinchilly on my fingers. The subtle mauve/ taupe colour is beautifully elegant and wonderfully versatile being able to match with a variety of outfits (which is great for lazy students like me!!).

I love painting my nails and have a ever growing collection of polish; I really need to start making the time to paint them more!

Apologies for the messy nail pic, these nails have been worn for a few days and I've been doing alot of cleaning in the flat so they're not at their best! 



  1. lovely notd post :) I love Essie polishes but don't have this colour! I don't know how I missed it cause its exactly the kind of colour I love to wear :) great blog hun xxx

    1. Thank you :) This is a lovely colour from Essie, it's so wearable! I find it's one of those colours that you can get away with wearing with anything! xx

  2. I love colours like this :)
    I love Essie too!


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