Saturday, 21 December 2013

Festive Favourites | Lush - Christmas Edition!

Roll up, Roll up, get your stereotypes here! Yes, it's no surprise that I, much like every other beauty blogger is obsessed with lush products. They smell great, don't test on animals are environmentally friendly and are amazing for your skin... need I say more? 

My lush craving always sets in around Christmas with their winter collection being released and these two pictured above are my all out favourites! 

First up, we have 'Ponche' a Mexican inspired shower gel!
They say 'This packs a Ponche – with orange juice and a shot of tequila. Inspired by traditional Mexican Christmas punch – this shower gel is bright, boozy, fruity and uplifting. Freshly squeezed orange juice, plum and cinnamon infusions, a good shot of tequila and a fruity fragrance all add up to your own little party in the shower. This is the kind of party punch that will hit the spot without leaving you with a headache the next day! Feel refreshed and ready to face the morning. So good, you will want to have another one for the road.' 
Ingredients to note are Plum infusion, Cinnamon infusion, Fresh Orange Juice, Lactic acid, Davana Oil, Buchu Oil, Petitgrain Oil and Tequila. 
I think that this is possibly my favourite EVER product from lush, I love it that much. It is fruity, spicy and boozy. It's such a christmassy scent and I honestly wish I could use it all year round! I like to get the small bottles of this as I find that it lasts quite a long time (I use it sparingly as a treat!) and it is a little bit on the pricey side. That being said it is a Christmas staple for me and I will be buying one of these every year they make it (and please lush KEEP MAKING IT).
You can purchase the 100g here for £4.30 

Next up we have the Gold Wonder Bath Ballistic. A deceiving little gift that is golden by name but not by nature!
They say 'This isn't a bath – this is an event!
We loved this ballistic so much, we decided to put one of our most popular perfumes in it, so that lots of people will enjoy bathing in it. Long standing customers will recognise the smell of Snowshowers shower jelly. Newer customers might like to know that the smell is of a light fizzing champagne cocktail, and contains sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil. This ballistic contains edible gold lustre and soluble paper stars – so there’ll be no sparkly bits left to clean out of your bath afterwards.'

Ingredients to note are Citric Acid, Sweet Orange Oil, Cognac Oil, Lime Oil, Gardenia Extract and Edible Golden Stars. 
I think that if you've not tried this yet, go get yourself down to your local lush give it a sniff, buy it and try it for yourself! This fills the water with blue, gold and green, it smells like citrus and champagne! It even rattles if you shake it!! It's a lovely bath ballistic but don't bother using this if your in a rush as it does take it's time to fully dissolve into the water! 
You can purchase this here for £3.50

What are your favourite lush products?



  1. I need to try lush! Adorable blog :D

    1. You really must, its wonderful! :D thank-you very much :D
      -Emily xx


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