Monday, 9 September 2013

What's in my Bag??

Hi Guys!!

Today's post is one that I have wanted to write for a long time! What's in my Bag! 

This bag is fairly new as it was a Uni present from my boyfriend, I absolutely LOVE it, you may have already seen it in my OOTD (Here). 

This was brought from Accessorize for only £35 (here) and quite frankly for the quality of this bag and the amount of use it has already had it was well worth it! It is made from a faux leather and has beautiful gold detailing. It also has a detachable shoulder strap that will come in handy when I use this for my lectures. 

Okay, so here's what I typically store in my bag:
  • A umbrella, this fetching one is actually my mums that I have borrowed for well over a year!  Thanks Mum!
  •  A mirror, well this is self-explanatory really isn't it!
  • Hand Sanitiser and a Hand Cream - Both Soap and Glory, they smell lovely and are a brilliant size.
  • My Tangle Teezer - I have VERY long knotty hair and if I don't take this out with me my hair ends up one big frizzy mess!
  • 3D glasses, My boyfriend and I are obsessed with going to the Cinema and I personally love 3D films, so to avoid paying for the glasses every time I make sure I keep them on me to avoid the extra changes!
  • My Purse, again pretty self-explanatory, Don't be fooled though its not a real D&G purse its just a imitation I brought from Crete in 2011, I do love it though as its a beautiful soft leather and has lasted brilliantly. 
  • Lipstick of the day, I will usually put whatever lipstick it is that I'm using in my bag for top-ups through the day.
  • Headache Tablets, I always suffer with bad migraines and headaches and just as a precaution  I tend to keep these on me
  • Chewing gum, no-one wants bad breath.
  • A pen, for writing with.
  • My Stay Matte Powder and Real Techniques Powder Brush, I can turn into a shiney monster midway through the day and so this just helps to keep that at bay!
  • GlossyBox Mini Nail Files, My nails are frequently breaking at the moment so these come in handy to just keep with me.
  • Handy Wipes, this is something I inherited from my mum, she always keeps wet wipes with her and they do come in handy. 
  • Finally my passport, this is something that will now be leaving my bag, but normally I keep this as a form of ID to prove my age. I have never learnt to drive so I don't have a provisional and my college never gave out student ID so up until now I have needed this to prove my 19 years of life. However, I have just received my NUS card and so I no longer need my passport! 

That is it! 
I hope you enjoyed today's post! 
Let me know what you think of my bag!



  1. Wish my bag was as neat as your i carry way too much need a clear out. Nice essentials

    Carrieanne x

    1. Aha don't be fooled, my purse is a state! Its full of old receipts and little salts from McDonalds! Thanks for reading! :D

      - Emily xx

  2. I always carry around 3D glasses too! People think I'm mental for doing so, but I'm not paying £1.50 every time I go to the cinema, it's expensive enough as it is!! Great post and gorgeous bag!

    Shannon x


    1. I know right! Quite frankly after paying around £15 for tickets, popcorn and a drink, I'm not willing to spend any more money on something I already have loads of at home!! Haha! Thanks very much :D

      - Emily xx

  3. I literally just bought this bag, it's so lovely!

    leigh xx |

    1. Ahh that's amazing!!! I love it! I have used mine everyday since it was brought!!

      - Emily xx

  4. Your bag is beautiful! Wish mine was in such a good condition like that! lol xxx

    1. Awhh thanks lovely! :D It's really quite new though so I can't take to much credit!

      - Emily xx


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