Monday, 5 August 2013

Make-up Monday - My Lipstick Collection!!

Hi Lovelies,

Sorry for the rubbish posting of late! *slaps back of wrist* I hope to get back to the normal swing of things from now on in!! 

So onto the post!! 

I decided that I would show you my slowly growing lipstick collection. I have only just dared into the realm of lipstick and so it is limited but I thought you guys would like to see what I have and what I think of it anyway! 

I was going to add pictures of the lipsticks actually on my lips but quite frankly the quality of them is so poor that I don't want to ruin this post with it (I even did all the editing as well!)  
Irritatingly this swatch isn't particularly clear, but Shade 12 and 110 are both vivid reds, with 110 being slightly more matte out of the 2 and with a hint of orange.
My absolute favourite HAS to be Coral in Gold, I wear it SO often, its a stunning orange with gold shimmer and it's just beautiful. I definately prefer the Rimmel lipsticks as the formula and scent are amazing but the MUA are fantastic for girls on a budget as they cost a mere £1 each and have a decent colour selection. 

I hope you guys have found this post interesting! I know it's not the best collection but it's definately a start! 

- Emily 


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