Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tuesday's Skincare: Elemis FreshSkin Range Review... Part 2

Hello guys! 

Well you may have noticed that I've titled this post as Tuesday's Skincare and that is because I have devised a new routine for my blog posts! (YAY ORGANISATION!) You can see this routine listed in my side bar over there >> so be sure to check it out so you know what days the posts that interest you will be up!! :D 

Okay enough of that babble, I'm guessing you want to read about skincare now right? 

The lovely PR team at Elemis kindly sent me more FreshSkin products to test out about a month ago and I decided I would put them to the test on my holiday in Greece. 

Skin glow exfoliating face wash* 100ml £12 
Smell - This smells like Orange flavoured sweets, its really sweet and fruity which is perfect for the younger target market it is aimed for. It just smells yummy! 
Texture - This product has a creamy smooth gel like texture with small sand sized Jojoba beads that allow you to clean deep into your pores without scratching or irritating your skin.
Ingredients - As with all Elemis products this is free from Parabens, SLS, Mineral Oils & Silicones (amongst other nasties!). It contains Mandarin and Aniseed (hence the smell!) to soften and condition and Cherry powder and Jojoba beads to gently polish and refine your skin. 
Did it work? Yes. I had a bad reaction to using a new Foundation and Sun-cream on my face at the beginning of my holiday resulting in a oily rash on my forehead (In the words of Mark-Francis, this is never chic!). Thank-god I brought this with me as it really helped to sooth my burning forehead and cleared up the spotty rash almost over night! I love this product, it leaves my skin feeling beautifully clean and soft and has helped to visibly minimise my blackheads and has reduced oiliness in my skin! 
Would repurchase this, over my beloved Elemis skin buff? Probably not, but this is purely down to how much I LOVE my Skin Buff it is the perfect exfoliator for me. However, if you cannot afford the skin buff or are in your early teens then I really recommend trying this as its not as harsh as most exfoliator's but still does the job at a fantastic price! 

Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm* 10ml £8 
Taste - This smells and tastes of Peppermint! It's absolutely lovely 
Texture- This is a gel like clear balm that glides onto your lips and leaves them feeling and looking nourished without any stickiness at all! The peppermint also makes your lips feel cool after application which is lovely as you can feel it working.
Ingredients- As above this is free from the usual chemical nasties and includes Vitamin E, Passionflower oil, Peppermint oil and Sweet almond oil. 
Did it work? Yes. I have always had dry cracked lips and I'm always guilty of biting my lips to the point of bleeding (slaps back of wrist). But this has sorted my lips out completely, it keeps them moisturised for ages and has solved all my lip troubles! 
Would I repurchase this? Definitely.

Tired Eyes Soothing Eye Rescue* 15ml £15 
Smell - Non existent, which is perfect for a Eye gel! 
Texture - This is a smooth light gel texture that feels so lovely on the eyes and absorbs with speed leaving no residue on your lids!
Ingredients- Free from chemical nasties, includes Tetrapeptide, Aloe vera and Butchers Broom. 
Did it work? Yes. It does sooth and cool your eyes which is lovely but it doesn't actually do anything visibly for my eyes other than refresh them. This product is lovely to have regardless though as its brilliant to apply in the morning after my shower when I'm feeling sleepy or (as I did on holiday) when I come back in from a night out. 
Would I repurchase this? Probably not any time soon as its not a necessity and £15 is quite alot for something that doesn't have a real effect on the appearance of my eyes.  

Lastly, I would like to thank Elemis for sending me their wonderful products to test and I'd like to thank you readers, as without you I wouldn't of had the opportunity. 

(P.S sorry this is up so late guys! My parents came home from Greece today so it's been a busy one!) 

- Emily xx

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