Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Barry M Nail Paint Collection!!

Hi Guys!! 

Sorry this post is so late today, my head has been so full of kitten excitement I've forgotten everything else that I had wanted to do and ended up spending hours just looking at the pets at home site for kitten products (all of which I've seen 4 or 5 times before!).

Anyway, I've eventually got round to getting this post up even if it is late!

Over the past few months I have become a tad obsessed with Barry M nail paints, the problem is they have SO many colours, the formulas are brilliant and there so cheap!! My favourites are the Gelly Hi-Shine with the Glitter Nail Paints coming a close second (I surprisingly don't have as many as I had thought!) 

First thing first, this is the only base coat/top coat that I own at the moment and I really don't see much need in changing it, it's cheap and does the job! 

These are my 2 Glitters, I absolutely LOVE the Rose Quartz with the Watermelon Hi Shine and the Red Glitter is beautiful at Christmas! 

These are my 2 Limited Edition paints, you sadly can't get the X-mas Glitter in store any more but its a beautiful combination of reds, pinks, blue and green, its very festive! The Pink was actually a freebie I got before holiday for spending over a certain amount in Superdrug, I believe you can still purchase this in store but hurry as it wont last long!!

Here are the two most underused polishes of the collection, I don't use the Glitter Crackle often as I'm not that fond of the effect, and the Textured one is fairly new so I've not got round to using it as I've been favouring my Gelly Hi-Shine in Lychee! 

Here is the bulk of my Barry M collection, I can't go into Superdrug without pining for one so I usually pick one up! My ultimate favourite is Lychee which is a fantastic nude that enhances a tan and somehow manages to look so summery! For my toenails I constantly wear Papaya, I just think its a lovely summer colour!!

So there we are! Only a quick little post for you guys! I've been such a rubbish blogger recently, you will have to excuse my laziness but honestly I just lack the motivation at the moment. I'm hoping that this wont last as I honestly have so many idea's jotted down in my note book right now!!! But I may have to start scheduling posts and writing a bulk load up on a day I feel motivated! 

What's your favourite polish? How have you overcome lack of motivation??
- Emily xx


  1. Ooh, this makes me with Barry M were in the States SO BAD!! Ahh, Papaya is my favorite out of all of these - so, so gorgeous. Reminds me of Essie Tart Deco (which I also love)!

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

    1. Oh that's awful that you can't get hold of them!!! I LOVE Papaya on my toes! So summery!
      - Emily xx


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