Thursday, 11 July 2013

It's time for another HAUL!

Hey lovelies! 

I hope you guys are all ok! 
I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and already have numerous blog ideas written down so keep reading!! 
 Yesterday my best friend Meghan and I, went into town for a catch up then lunch and as usual I ended up buying multiple items! So as I know you guys seem to like my haul posts, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get back into blogging regularly! 

I've been tempted to buy this skirt for quite awhile now, but usually I'm more of a trousers girl and so when I saw this in my size yesterday and as Meghan had just given me a £15 Newlook gift voucher for my birthday, I decided I would take the risk and buy it... and I absolutely love it. It's actually more turquoise than this picture looks but my god it is so lovely. I strongly recommend this style to any 'pear' shaped women like myself, its so flattering!

This is actually a repurchase of the Colgate Max White One Active, I've been using it for about a month now and its really brilliant, my friends and family have visibly noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth and its so affordable!

I decided that to avoid Bloggers Block I will make sure to note down every blog idea I think of, this is small enough to carry with me everywhere (it's only A6) and it's super cute! Definitely recommend any Bloggers doing this especially, if like me, they have loads of ideas and usually forget most of them!

I have tried the Jade Quail wraps on my ring finger as an accent nail and they are surprisingly easy to apply and have a brilliant effect ... they will feature in a Nails Of The Week (NOTW) post soon!

Okay, so I know that lots of you ladies will be SCREAMING at me right now "You can't be a skincare enthusiast and use cleansing wipes?! What are you thinking?!"
Well let me explain, it takes me FOREVER to remove all of my makeup with just miscellar water (I use Caudalie at the moment and it's lovely!) This isn't due to the water that I use its just mainly due to my own laziness and my hatred of using more product than I really need to, especially if it's high end.
So I like to remove the majority of my makeup with these wipes (they are genuinely the best I have ever used and they cost 59p!) and then I use my miscellar water to remove the rest and then cleanse and tone and moisturise.

I can never help myself when it comes to snacks and I'm currently obsessed with salted popcorn so when I saw this twist on it I had to buy some and try it for myself and my god its yummy. 

Last but never least is this little munchkin who was wondering around the garden as I was taking these pictures, she's being such a little tart of late!

Well that's what I brought, I hope you found this interesting and please let me know what you think of the outdoor pictures! 


HANG ON! What's this... future give-away?! 
Yes that's right once I reach 100 followers, I shall be doing a give-away featuring some Nails Rock Nail Wraps amongst other goodies adding up to the total of £30!! 
So keep an eye out and follow me on GFC, Bloglovin' and Twitter to keep updated with the opening date!!!!



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