Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I'M BACK! Holiday 2013!

Hi Guys!!

It's been awhile hasn't it?!

Well first off let me explain! As some of you may know the end of June was very up and down for me and I honestly lost the motivation to blog. I wasn't very 'happy' and so it felt wrong to blog and pretend that everything was amazing when it certainly was not.
It started when my wonderful little cat Tibby passed away on the 22nd of June, we've had her in my family for 9 years and it was a very sad time for us all. This really knocked me for 6 and although I did manage a few posts after it just wasn't enjoyable and felt forced.
I had planned on writing more posts on the week before my holiday, but I had my birthday on the 28th (I'm 19 and now I'm beginning to get that old feeling realising that my best friends little sister is starting college... HOW?) and then I went on holiday on the 30th and to be honest it was just too busy and hectic for me to get my head straight and due to this sadly I ended my 30 Day Snap attempt 5 days early! 

So here I am on the 10th of July, I've been in England for 3 days and I'm ready to get back into my blogging and here's to hoping that the rest of the year goes smoothly!

Right enough of the novel, onto the post!

This year my boyfriend Dan and I went on holiday to Thessaloniki, in Greece. We stayed at Hotel Atki Ouranopolis on the outskirts of a small town called Ouranopolis. It was pretty deserted but once you got a taxi into the town it was lovely!


Selection of views

By the pool

View from Ouranopolis town

Yummy cocktail but god knows what was in it!

Dan with his cocktail - Blue Lagoon

'Cause we're normal people...

Sleepy just woken up face (no makeup!) and awkward hand positioning... I'm not sure how or why I'm brave enough to post this but I am... who knew?! 

View from Pool Bar at night


My meal on the last night at Kritikos taverna, a must if your visiting the area!
So there's a small selection of photos from my holiday! I hope this hasn't been to self-indulgent for you all but I wanted to share what I've been up to! :D

Have any of you lovely's been to Thessaloniki? What did you think? 
- Emily xx



  1. Looks like you had a lovely holiday- the views look amazing! Your hotel looks really lovely too. I recently got back from Olu Deniz in Turkey and can't wait to blog about it :D

    C x |

    1. Thank-you! We did :D Ohh can't wait to read about it! We were looking at booking Turkey before we decided to book Greece! :D
      - Emily xx


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