Sunday, 16 June 2013

Review: Organic Surge Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser

Hi Guys!

Well, if you have been reading my blogs, you should recognise this product. I received the Organic Surge Daily Moisturiser in June's GlossyBox and on first impressions I was really happy with this product!  However I was wrong...

On Friday I had thoroughly exfoliated and cleansed my face and thought that it was a perfect time to try out this new super-intensive daily moisturiser. I was a little dubious on how this would compare to my current favourite the Elemis Daily Moisturiser, however, I still wanted to give it ago! 

I have Combination skin that consists of an Oily T-Zone and Dry cheeks so I used this very sparingly on my face, mainly concentrating on the dry areas to not smother my skin in product, especially as this is marketed for Dry Skin.

I was so disappointed. When I tested this on my hand it absorbed into my skin nicely and didn't leave a greasy feeling... when I used it on my face, it didn't absorb in AT ALL. My face still felt greasy 4 hours after using this. It just sat on my face and made my skin feel dirty it was really unpleasant. It also broke me out in spots on my cheeks which I'm not thrilled about. 

However, this may be due to my Combination skin and I think it will be better suited to those with very Dry skin!
I can say that the packaging of this product is lovely, and that I do like the texture of the cream itself, I just wish it worked better for my skin! 

I've gifted this to my mum to try out though, so I'm hoping this suits her better than me! 

What did you think of this product? Leave a comment below and let me know!
- Emily xx


  1. awh. im sorry it didn't work out for you! I also got something from this brand but it was conditioner and I love it! Glossy box are very brave when it comes to giving us skin care as everyone knows what it right for themselves!
    I Did I review of the conditioner on my blog!

    1. I saw the conditioner! It was a product I was actually hoping on getting ! :D I do love trying out skin care but I think sending out a product only suitable for those with dry skin is a little risky as its going to be so hit and miss! So far its the only product from GlossyBox that's disappointed me though so its not all bad :D I will check out your review!! :D
      - Emily xx


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