Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review: Elemis Fresh Skin Daily Moisturiser ...Part 1

Hello lovelies! 

I've been really excited to do this post and I'm thrilled that I've managed to find the time to write it today! 
As you may have read about a week ago, the lovely PR team at Elemis very kindly contacted me and sent me some samples to review. I was completely over the moon with this as I've only been blogging for a very short time and to be contacted by my favourite skin care brand was an honour and extremely exciting!

L-R: Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser, Skin Buff, Peachy Perfect Face Wash
I had already reviewed the Skin Buff and Peachy Perfect Face Wash in the past, as I had already independently purchased them.  
I cannot honestly say that my opinions on either of these products have changed, but I have been using both of them more regularly since I received the duplicate samples and I do believe that they have helped to keep my skin at bay whilst I've been studying for really stressful exams. 

However, just to summarise here's my opinions on both of these:
Skin Buff - I absolutely love this product, It's the only exfoliator I use and I recommend it to anyone that suffers with combination skin! (Full review here)
Peachy Perfect Face Wash - This product is good and does the job but it's not outstanding. I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to purchase it, but that being said it is still a good product. (Full review here)

Okay so onto the review of the Daily Moisturiser*. 
I was so excited to see this in the box they sent me, as it was actually next on my list of Elemis products to buy! 

Elemis is a UK brand that do not test on animals and this product is free from Parabens & Silicones as well as many other nasties you don't want in your skincare. 
This Moisturiser is part of their freshskin range for teens to twenties, which makes it perfect for adolescent skin and the changes it goes through. 

The formula of this product is lovely, it is packed with natural ingredients and smells of Geranium and Lavender, which I find really comforting. But fear not if you don't like any smells to your skin care, as once the moisturiser has absorbed, you do not notice the smell at all.  

The product itself is a light, non-greasy cream, which is perfect for my combo skin (I don't need any additional oily shine!), it also absorbs into the skin fairly quickly. 
So far, I think it has helped to improve the look of my skin. It seems to control my oily areas whilst combating the dry patches and after using it my skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated. 

If I have any criticism for this product, it's that it could absorb into the skin slightly quicker and I do have to be careful not to put on too much, otherwise my skin can feel abit smothered. But this may just be my troublesome skin acting up! 

Overall, I've really been enjoying this product and I'm very very grateful to ElemisPR for sending this to me to review especially as I was planning on buying it for myself anyway! So once again a big THANKYOU!  

Have you tried any Elemis products? What are your thoughts? 
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- Emily xx



  1. I love Elemis!! I like their mattifying moisturiser its gorgeous!

    Emily xxx

    1. I love Elemis aswell! Their freshskin range is really good for younger skin! Very luxurious :D
      - Emily xx


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